Windows Modules Installer: Procedure to Enable or Disable

If you are using a Windows operating system for a long time, then you must know that the operating system receives regular updates from the publisher. However, many people don’t know how it works and why this happens. Today we will help you understand the windows update process and the process involved in it. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Windows Modules Installer?

It is a tool which is utilize by the system to check for updates regularly on windows. And it is automated, so it has to run periodically. It does not just check for the updates; it is also responsible for the installation of all the updates in the windows computer.

But it doesn’t always work as it is intend to and sometimes it can mess up a few things on the system which can cause issues. And the main issue that occurs on the system is that it takes a lot of memory and CPU which can be seen in the Task Manager. And if you are using a low-end PC, then this might be an issue for you. You will see tiworker.exe process in the task manager that is using a lot of RAM and CPU. 

Well, some people think that it is a virus or malware. But that is not the case, as we’ve discusse here, it is an important process that is utilize to give regular updates to the system. If you are not sure about it, you can check it using multiple antivirus software available on the market. 

And, then you might ask, what to do when you experience such an issue again with your PC. In that case, there are a couple of options for you to fix this type of issue on the system. 

Windows Modules Installer Worker Disable

Yes, you can disable the automatic updates in the windows to get rid of this process. If you want to disable the windows update on the system, then you can follow the steps listed here. 

  • Open Run by pressing WIN+R and then type in services.msc and hit the OK button or Enter. 
  • Now, search for Windows Modules installer and then double click on it. 
  • Now, select Manual from the dropdown menu to disable it temporarily. Usually, it is set to automatic or workload to down load the updates as soon as possible. 
  • Now, search for the Windows Update option and then set the startup type to disabled. 
  • And click on the OK button and then restart the system to affect the changes. 

So, with these steps, you will be able to disable the Windows modules installer worker with ease.  However, there are some other steps that you can take to resolve this kind of issue. 

Use the Troubleshooter

If you are having issues with the Windows updates, then you can use the Windows updates Troubleshooter. It will solve all the issues related to tiworker instantly, and here are the steps for that. 

  • Open the Settings on Windows 10 and then click on the Update and Security option and then click on the Troubleshoot option and not select Windows Update option from the list.
  • Now, click on the Run the Troubleshooter button located right next to the Windows 10 update troubleshooter. 
  • Then, you need to fix the issues suggested by the Troubleshooter, and you’re good to go. 

So, these are a couple of methods to solve the issue of Windows modules installer on Windows 10 systems. You don’t need to remove the tiworker.exe file right away as it is part of the system. You can use these methods to curb the interference of it from your computer and use the PC normally. 

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