Why is it important to hire an office cleaning company?

Your company’s facilities say a lot about it. Whether your workplace is an office or if you operate in an industrial warehouse, behind closed doors or facing the public, there is something that you should never overlook: cleanliness. If you are concerned about the image of your business and the satisfaction of your employees, how to choose cleaning services should always be among your priorities, but also, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, leave this task in the hands of professionals it has become almost an obligation.

There is a great infinity of psychological studies that show that both performance and concentration are enhanced when we are in harmonious and clean environments. There is nothing better than working in a unique, comfortable, visual, and clean space.

Everything seems to flow!

And it is that it has been demonstrated that human beings work much better in well-lit and neat spaces since an environment of tranquility is created that allows them to be more efficient in their activities, regardless of what they may be.

Okay, I’m not Google, I’m not a technology company and my offices are what they are. How can I improve them? 


There is a first step that is very feasible, fast, and extremely cheaper than the total comprehensive reform of your office: cleaning.

In addition to the fact that workers will love not having to write reports on kilos and kilos of dust, cleanliness is a fundamental factor in a company’s image. Hiring a company that is in charge of providing these spaces with a professional cleaning tailored to your needs will be a great benefit and will save time for the company,

Look, you’re not convincing me. Give me reasons to hire an office cleaning company and not have my workers in mountains of dust!

Seem right!

Next, I share with you 5 reasons why you should hire an office cleaning company:

5 reasons to hire a cleaning company for your office:

There are many advantages offered by hiring an office cleaning company since as mentioned above, cleaning is an essential element for the performance and proactivity of work teams.

Among the 5 most important reasons to hire a cleaning company for our office, we highlight:

1. Cleaning companies have professional staff who handle special techniques in the use of scrubbing, polishing, sweeping machines, among others, that ensure deep cleaning of spaces.

This is essential.

Can you imagine arriving as a customer to visit a supplier and he has poorly vitrified floors, half swept, or even damaged tiles?

This does not paint a good image and happens because of not hiring a professional cleaning company.

2. This type of company adapts to the needs of each office, as well as its working hours and ecological policies.

Do you know what happens? We do not have time to be aware of who cleans. A person comes at the end of each week when we are here and that’s it, we have plenty of it.

These types of issues are seen a lot: a small company that ends up assuming more responsibilities than its due …

Have you bought the cleaning products?

What day did they come to clean?

What time?

Should we open it?

When you delegate this to a professional office cleaning company, you forget about all the problems and dedicate yourself to the most important thing: growing your company.

3. Office cleaning companies get much cheaper prices for cleaning products.

Why should this benefit affect me? If it is an advantage

That has an easy answer! You’ll see:

If you have a company that has its own cleaning person on the payroll, you should not only pay the salary of this person … You must also pay the cost of all materials, specialized tools to carry out the tasks, etc.

A fortune you can save!

4. Your office cleaning team is external

Great advantage!

Yes, the cost of hiring an office cleaning company can be higher than having your own person on staff.

But… what if this person gets sick and is granted sick leave?


Now you have to pay the salary to the sick person and pay a salary to that other person who will replace the one who is resting.

“Why wouldn’t I have hired an office cleaning company sooner?”

At least you are reading this article and you will know what you should do.

5. When you have professional and constant cleaning of the spaces, it is much easier to maintain order and achieve an ideal work environment.

The staff of a company is its main asset and we must take care of them. Do not let them work in a disastrous place and allow them to enjoy maximum comforts that will result in happier and, therefore, more productive employees.

But how to choose a good cleaning company?

When opting for a professional service to take care of cleaning your company, the first thing you should take into account is its particularities. Logically, it is not the same to leave a small 50m2 office sparkling than a 3-storey facility with all kinds of equipment and rooms (toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms …). And cleaning the newsroom of a newspaper is not the same as cleaning a car workshop. 

In this regard, our recommendation is to aim high. A company that is qualified to successfully tackle the cleaning of garages, industrial buildings or hospitals. Is probably more than prepared to leave an office as new. Comparing between service catalogs you can get an idea of ​​which specialties each one dominates and make a better decision.

Delegating the cleaning of your company to professionals implies leaving. A very important task to people who go where you cannot go. Here, as in everything, experience is a degree. But, if you can choose, also trust companies that value their human capital. That care about the continuous training of their workers and are always up to date to ensure the best results.

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