Who is Tommy Robinson And What Did He Do??

Stephen Christopher Yaxley Lennon, a 37 year old guy known as Tommy Robinson. Robinson is a former British politician and anti-Islamic activist. In an interview with BBC five, live in 2010. He said that his parents belonged from Ireland and migrate to England. He further adds that his mother worked at a local bakery and his stepfather work in Vauxhall car plant located at Luton. After completing his school, Tommy Robinson starts aircraft engineering at Luton Airport. After five years of education, he qualified in 2003. Robinson did lots of crimes in his life. He lost his job when he was condemn of incursion an off-duty police officer in a intoxicated argument.

Tommy Robins & His Cousin Kevin Carroll

In 2009, a league named English Defense League (EDL) was founded by Tommy Robins and his cousin Kevin Carroll. According to Robinson that he decide to established his own league after reading a news article about the Taliban in Afghanistan. He said that he read that an agency recruit man for fighting against Taliban. In the starting of EDL, Robinson rapidly asserts that the league is established against the rise of Islamic culture in their country. Robinson were told that his member isn’t against Islam, they are against the rising of Islamic culture in their country. But after a time being, members were shows their anti-Islamic face. His League is full of gangsters and mobster who are not just against Muslims but they can kill anybody, whether they are Muslim or not, for money.

In 22 December 2011, three man appeared in front of his car, get him off and start betting him, said Tommy Robinson. He further add that those three persons were in Asian appearance. People aren’t have positive feedback about the Tommy Robinson. In 2011. He get a number of abusive and insulting messages when he was fighting between Luton Town and Newport Country. Robinson played an important role in the fight of 100 people in a football match held in Luton where he shout “EDL until I die”. He was punished with 150-hour unpaid work and three year ban on attending any football match, due to being a cause of the fight.

Tommy Robinson Why Is He In Jail

Tommy Robinson were arrested number of times in his life. Once he was arrested in 2011 due to the breach of bail conditions. Robinson is a naturally criminal. He is not just against the Islam, but he become harmful for any person whether he or she will belong to any Muslim family or not. He start a hunger strike when he was at remand in HM Prison Bedford. He thinks that he is a good political but people not. During his strike, he chanted that he is a political prisoner of the state and refused to eat halal meat. Someone tell him that halal meat not just belong to the Muslim community but it is best for health. In returned of which he said that he can die but nit eat any halal food, what rubbish.

In a BBC show named The Big Question, Robinson took part in which he speak on extremism. In the same show, Muhammad Ansar – a British Muslim politician – invited Robinson for a dinner with his family. On this BBC makes a documentary named when tomy met mo. Quilliam, a London based think tank co-founded by Maajid Nawaz. Held a press conference with Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to declared that the both leaders left their party, EDL. Robinson told that he was thinking about leaving EDL for a long time. He further add that he warned their party about the far-right extremism and counter with Islamic ideology according to him. The only solution of counter between Islamic community and anti-Islam persons is to make both parties busy in political activities.

A changed noticed in Tommy Robinson after the meeting with Muhammad Ansar. Robinson rise their voice against EDL member when they speak about the anti-Islam. He changed their mind and said that he never against Islam or Muslims but he try to save their culture in their country. Robinson spoke in a session of Union Against Fascism (UAF) to allowing their platform for criticism. But according to the UAF, he hadn’t left the EDL’s opinion. Robinson said that he may returns to his freedom of speech and condemn politician, the media, and police. Who have failed to deal with certain offence because they make islamophobia a brand.

Tommy Robinson start their contribution in anti-Islam with Pegida UK, and Germany anti-immigration group. In December 2015, he announced the creation of Pegida’s “British chapter.” He said drinking and fighting would not be allowed because “This is too bad now,” and told The Daily Telegraph. That on 6 February 2016 there would be a mass protest in whole Europe. Robinson flew to France to watch the 2016. UEFA Euro and display a t-shirt and an English flag ridiculing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Bedfordshire Police gave him an injunction on his return to suspend football. His lawyer Alison Gurden accused the police of having falsely associated all Muslims with the banned terrorist group. In September the case was denied by the Luton Court judge. Who identified the facts to be “vague” and “cagey” by the complainant.

In February 2019, with his Facebook account, Tommy Robinson wrote “I’m sure white women’s rape are right, then?” alongside a Rape Crisis flyer on services for ethnic minority victims, resulting in Robinson’s supporters calling the center with hundreds of racist and abusive telephone calls. Robinson’s article was condemned by the center, which was helping rape victims of all ethnic origins, “for undermining much-needed service delivery for victims and survivors of sexual violence and exploitation of all communities.”

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