Where can I Buy Bulk Wholesale Foods in the UK?

You are a small restaurant owner looking to buy food products for your restaurant at wholesale rates. But you are thinking, where can you buy it? What are the wholesale food sources in your town? The most common wholesale food sources are food wholesalers and wholesale food stores. A food wholesaler can be a cash-and-carry wholesaler or a food distributor who supplies food at wholesale rates. So, in this article, we tell you how you can buy food from these wholesalers and the benefits of buying food from them. And Whole Foods 275 coupon is the perfect choice for you right now. Save it!!

1. Broadline Distributors

Broadline distributors are one source where you can buy food in bulk. Broadline distributors manage larger volumes of various products and are most frequently utilized by grocery stores and other larger retail food service chains and businesses. Broadline distributors may frequently provide more significant discounts and price alternatives for individuals who buy in higher numbers because they deal with vast items. Pentagon Food Group, JJ foods, Bidfood and Bakers are the top Broadline distributors in the UK where you can buy food in bulk.

2. Cash & Carry Distributors

Cash-and-carry distributors do not transport their products. Cash and Carry allow clients to pay cash for products at discounted pricing and pick them up from the store rather than having them delivered. For bulk purchases, caterers, organizations, and restaurants frequently employ cash-and-carry wholesalers. Some of the cash and carries in the UK allow you to order online and pick it up from the store; an example of this type of cash and carry is Freshways click and collect store. Freshway and Bestway whole is the top food service cash and carriers in the UK.

3. Speciality Distributor

Speciality distributors, as their name implies, focus on a specific product category. Additionally, “niche” food service businesses collaborate with speciality wholesalers. For example, FDL Cheese is a cheese distributor and are cheese specialist. If you are one dish specialist, then you buy bulk from a speciality distributor.

4. Redistributor

Redistributors do not directly sell to operators of food services. Instead, they buy items straight from the producer and then distribute lesser quantities to smaller food service providers that cannot manage more significant bulk volumes. Redistributors provide goods to smaller food service providers and eateries by carrying less than a truckload (LTL) of goods. You can also buy bulk wholesale food from them.


Who are the best wholesale food suppliers in uk?

Hundreds of thousands of UK retail and foodservice businesses, ranging from independent convenience stores to schools, restaurants, and staff canteens, rely on food and drink wholesalers. The sector is worth approximately £30 billion to the UK economy.

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) operates 800 cash and carry depots and distribution centres throughout the United Kingdom. National players such as Booker, Palmer & Harvey, Bestway, Bidvest, Brakes, and Costco dominate the sector, accounting for approximately £20 billion of the market. The type of your business will determine the best wholesalers for you.  While some wholesalers only supply foodservice establishments and caterers, others specialise in supplying convenience stores.  Many offer both.

5 Best food wholesalers in the UK are following;

  1. Brakes
  2. Bestway Wholesale
  3. Bidfood UK
  4. JJ FoodService
  5. Pentagon Food Group

How much profit do wholesale food suppliers make?

It is determined by revenue and cost. The wholesaler calculates the product profit margin by taking the received price (revenue),  subtracting the acquisition price (cost), dividing that figure by the received price, and finally multiplying by 100 to express the margin as a percentage.

Gross Profit Margin = (Revenue – Cost) ÷ Revenue × 100

Where do wholesale food stores source their products?

They buy in bulk from the original source of the produce, such as the farmer or manufacturing company. The product is then warehoused before being sold to caterers, food retailers, restaurants, and other food service businesses.

What are the best wholesale suppliers for retailers in UK?

The best wholesale supplier for your retail business may actually depend on a variety of factors.  The ideal wholesale supplier should, in general, satisfy your purchasing requirements with regard to product pricing, quality, service, shipping & delivery, supply stability, and safety, and should have a positive reputation in the sector.  Shopping for organic food at the best savings with Whole Foods 275 Coupon, Whole Foods 15 off 50 and more Whole Foods promo codes. They are available and verified on Findcouponhere.net.

Based on them, I’ll share with you the following wholesale vendors in the UK wholesale markets that are worth checking out.

  1. Bestway Wholesale
  2. Pentagon Food Group
  3. Bidfood
  4. Brake
  5. Creed Food Service

Who is the biggest foodservice wholesaler in the UK?

Food Wholesale Bestway. 

Bestway Wholesale is the largest independent food and beverage distributor in the UK, operating out of over 65 warehouses, serving 70,000 retail clients, and making over £2 billion in revenue annually.

Bestway Wholesale is the go-to distributor for convenience stores, retailers, e-commerce websites, pet stores, and foodservice operations in the UK. It offers thousands of products, including a wide variety of award-winning own-brand labels.


If you are a restaurant or takeaway owner looking to buy bulk food products, consider the abovementioned sources where you can buy products for your restaurant according to the niche and type of your restaurant and avail the benefits of buying in bulk.

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