What are the Common requirements for a Class 2 licence?

A person can operate a category C vehicle if you have a Class 2 licence. A category C vehicle is often known as a rigid-body vehicle. If you hold a Category C licence, you can drive stiff vehicles weighing more than 3500 kg and pull a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.You must possess a Class A licence to operate an articulated truck.

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for a Cat category C/Class 2 licence:

  • Be at least 18 years old and possess a current driver’s licence.
  • Possess a temporary Class 2 licence,
  • A medical examination
  • Clear the theory test
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that in order to keep your Class 2 licence active, you must complete 35 hours of Periodic CPC training every five years.

The Costs related to the Class 2 Licence

The Class 2 test consists of four Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tests, each of which is priced separately:

  • Questions with multiple choices in Part 1A: theory. The price is £26.
  • Theory: perception of hazards, part 1b. This item is £11.
  • Case studies are included in the second section. The price is $23.
  • Driving prowess If done during the week, it will cost £115, but on weekends, holidays, and evenings, it would cost £141.
  • Practical demonstration in part four. On a workday, this will run you £55; on weekends, holidays, and evenings, it will cost you £63.
  • Although it may be possible to receive money for it through the job centre if you are presently receiving benefits, you will also need to pay for the Class C licence training.

What character traits do employers seek in class 2 Drivers?

More than just moving merchandise from one location to another is what a Class 2 driver performs.It is advised that you can show that you are dependable, organised, and composed under pressure and that you have outstanding driving skills, excellent vehicle maintenance skills, and excellent communication skills if you are interested in a job in this industry.

To be a good HGV class 2 driver, you must unquestionably enjoy the experience of driving on an open (and occasionally quite busy) road. You should also be prepared to spend time away from your home, loved ones, and friends as well as modify your working hours as necessary.

Getting the  Class 2 driver’s licence

There are many HGV training providers in the UK. You should budget roughly £1500 for a Category C/Class 2 licence even though the cost of Class 2 training varies based on where you reside and the training provider you select.

We also advise you to be aware of any companies that provide credit to pay for HGV Class 2 lorry training because this can drive up the ultimate cost by thousands of dollars.

Rules and Regulations related to Class 2 Licence

  • For the safety of drivers and other road users, the maximum number of hours an HGV driver is allowed to drive each day is strictly restricted.
  • The amount of time that can be spent driving is limited to 4.5 hours at a time, 9 hours per day, and 56 hours per week.
  • A two-week period cannot include more than 90 hours of driving.
  • Any drive longer than 4.5 hours must be followed by at least a 45-minute break. The time permitted for driving may be broken up into shorter segments, but the first break must last at least 15 minutes, and the second break must last at least 30 minutes.
  • No matter how many breaks you take during the day, you must also take a continuous 11-hour break from driving during a 24-hour period. For any drivers caught infringing these laws, there are severe financial penalties in effect (a maximum on-the-spot fine of £300).

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