Ways To Repair Leather Cracks

Nothing can be as luxurious and sophisticated looking as good leather, and the last thing you want is to have your most luxurious possession lose its brilliance.

People often ask if leather cracks can be repaired, and while the answer depends on the damage, repairing can work wonders in most cases.

If you want to heal the cracks on your chic leather bag or guard your friend from any future damages, follow our guide to ensure no harm is done to your posh possession.

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How Does Leather Crack?

Before you learn how to repair or save a leather bag from cracking, it is essential to understand how and why leather cracks. Leather is a natural material; by definition, it is made from animal skin just like any other natural material; leather is also bound to get worn out and crack over time. Leather is made from countless tiny interwoven fibres; these particles can eventually dry out, resulting in chafing. Leather cracking is the result of microscopic changes in the material.

When the animal is alive, its skin stays hydrated and healthy with natural oil and replenishment, but once it is transformed into leather, the water in the skin is replaced. If you have dry skin, you will know what happens when there is a lack of water and oil on the top layer of the skin; it causes roughness and dry patches. If you don’t moisturise your skin for a long time, the damage increases, and it is the same with leather; the rough fibres rub against each other when the leather moves, and as a result, the fibres become stiffer and cause cracks at the tension points.

Repairing Light Cracks

There are two types of cracks in leather, light and deep, and each has a different process for repairing. Here are the things you need to heal light leather cracks:

  1. A conditioner or cream
  2. A soft, dry brush or cloth
  3. Fine-bristled brush
  4. Mild soap
  5. A spoon

Clean Your Leather

The first step in repairing the light cracks on your leather bag is to clean it. Test the conditioner on a small patch first to ensure it doesn’t harm the leather. Clean the top surface of the cracks with a soft, dry brush or cloth; after you use the cloth, follow it with the bristled brush and use the soap to clean the cracks deeply.

Smooth It

After cleaning it, use the conditioner and apply it over the cracks to smoothen it. Use your fingers, and the back side of the spoon can also do the job. Apply it thoroughly until the cracks are visibly deep. Wipe off the excess product and leave your bag to dry overnight. This should be enough to heal light cracks in the leather, but you can repeat this process if required.

Repairing Deep Cracks

If the cracks on your leather are profound, the conditioner is less likely to work, but that does not mean all hope is lost. You need the following things to repair deep cracks on your leather bag:

  1. Leather cleaner or soap
  2. Cloth
  3. 600-grit super fine sandpaper
  4. Palette knife
  5. Leather filler

Clean The Leather

Use the leather cleaner or soap to remove any dirt from the leather. Leave the bag overnight to let it dry completely, and ensure there is no moisture on the bag.

Smooth It

Use the sandpaper to smoothen the cracks on your bag, put a little pressure as you press them down, and stop when the texture looks smooth. Wipe off the dirt, and don’t use harsher sandpapers as they might leave scratches.

Apply Leather Filler

Use a palette knife to spread the filler over the cracks until they look filled with the paste, and remove the excess paste with the knife by gently scraping it. Repeat the process until you see no excess paste on your bag, then leave your bag to dry for six hours but make sure you don’t leave it in sunlight because direct heat can result in more cracks.

We hope this guide helped you repair cracks in your leather goods. To check out leather crossbody bags and other leather accessories, visit Obi Pelle. They have something for everyone; you can find high-quality leather products made with utmost perfection by their professional artisans.

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