Types Of Protective Packaging

Today, you’ll find many types of protective packaging for your products. As the word “protective” suggests, protective packaging keeps your products safe and secure until they reach consumers.

Many types are available, so you can choose exactly the right packaging supplies for your products, as well as for your customers’ concerns, such as sustainability and reliability. 

Protective packaging: choose from many types

Although packaging supplies and protective packaging are available in many types, basically you can choose from two types: paper and plastic. 

Everyone’s familiar with these three popular forms of protective packaging:

  • Corrugated cardboard: lightweight and eco-friendly; easily recyclable and biodegradable; 
  • Poly Foam: highly protective and lightweight; suitable for products which need extra protection. It’s available in several thicknesses and can be reused;
  • Bubble films and wraps: ultra-lightweight, also available as bubble bags and tubes and can be reused.

Let’s look at the types of protective packaging in more detail.

Paper-based packaging supplies: sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable 

Not only paper protective packaging is cost-effective, it also gives environmentally aware end consumers a favorable impression of your business.

Paper packaging is available in many types, from thick packing paper to delicate tissue paper. It can be printed with your logos and marketing messages, so it has marketing benefits. In today’s social media world, paper’s ability to be printed can be very useful, especially if some users will be sharing their “unboxing” photos or videos.

As for wrapping paper, paper protective packaging is available in rolls, making it easy to use. 

Looking for heavy-duty protective paper packaging? Sisalkraft may meet your needs. Made of fiberglass and bitumen-reinforced laminated paper, Sisalkraft guards against moisture. It’s use in packaging applications such as machinery wrapping. Since paper is moisture-absorbent, Sisalkraft is also used to line pallets and containers.

Plastic-based packaging supplies: guard your products from damage

Available in many types, plastic-resin packaging materials may be a favored solution because they’re both lightweight and durable. Plastic cuts down on shipping costs, so it has cost-saving benefits. 

Let’s look at popular types of plastic protective packaging that are use in many applications.

Bubble wrap packaging supplies: lightweight polyethylene, with air pockets

A popular choice for packaging supplies, and available in many types, bubble wrap has maintained its popularity for half a century. Made of polyethylene with air pockets, it cushions your products against impacts, as well as offering good packaging for irregularly shaped products. 

Not only is bubble wrap protective, but it’s also lightweight. The air pockets mean it’s a good insulation material too; this is useful if you’re quick-shipping food or anything which will be affect by changes in temperature.

Whether you’re shipping your products by mail or in shipping containers, weight is always a concern when choosing to pack supplies. Shipping costs make bubble wrap an efficient solution for many applications. Available in rolls of several sizes, bubble film is both economical and useful. 

The benefits of bubble wrap protective packaging include:

  • Transparency: you can see the contents of bubble packages and bubble bags at a glance—useful for a final inspection for breakages before shipping;
  • Lightness and insulation: bubble wraps’ air pockets offer extra protection for delicate goods;
  • Strength: although it’s lightweight, it’s both strong and durable. 

Void-fill protective packaging: air pillows to cushion and brace products

If you’re shipping breakables, it can result in a nightmare of breakages and complaining customers without packaging. Void-fill packaging supplies protect your products. They’re available in many sizes and forms. You can order precisely the supplies needed.

Available as expanding thin-film mini air cushions as well as protective foam cushions, Void Fill protects your products from impact and pressure shock.

Packaging supplies and protective packaging to suit your needs

You’re familiar with popular packaging supplies, but what if you have specific requirements? 

Let’s look at needs-based protective packaging.

Protective packaging for white goods and furniture deliveries

If you’re manufacturing or delivering large items, packaging avoids both major and minor damage to your goods in storage and shipping. 

Consider packaging supplies such as:

  • Furniture Felt: available in many types; it’s most economical in large continuous rolls, so you can cut it to the sizes needed. Can be use again.
  • Quilted Pads: available in large sizes; durable and long wearing; the pads will last for years.

Packaging supplies to ship perishable products safely

Do you need to ship food or other perishables? 

Ice melts and can damage your products. Consider Protect Chill Ice Packs. They’re a safe alternative to protective packaging to wet and dry ice.  The gel in the packs is approve for use to package food, as well as for pharmaceuticals and other products which need refrigeration in transport. The Protect Chill Ice Pack is back with bubble wrap for extra protection.

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