Top 7 myths to know about solar power

Today demand for renewable forms of energy is increasing, to compensate for the harmful effects of pollution and global warming. Solar energy is the most widely and easily available renewable energy. Still, there is a skeptical attitude regarding the benefits of solar energy. Several misleading myths regarding solar power energy are spreading nowadays.  

In this blog post, we have tried to give an insight into common solar energy myths. 

Solar systems keep working even when during power outages

This is one of the most baffling misapprehensions about solar energy. The reality is that in the event of an outage, a building powered with a grid-connected solar power system also loses power.  

When the grid shuts off, the inverter also automatically goes off, to prevent the flow of electricity from the solar system. However, buildings that are entirely independent of the grid and run on the hybrid system still continue to get solar power during power outages in the daytime.

For all-time backup, backup batteries are a good option. These backup batteries provide a power supply even during an outage.

Solar systems are too expensive and not economically feasible

The fact is that having a solar energy system at your residence is far cheaper than buying electricity from a power supplier. In fact, a solar system installed at your home can pay its cost back within three years of installation. Today the falling costs of solar equipment and the accessibility to financing options have made solar energy a feasible option for most of the population.

Solar panels can damage the roof

The fact is that the roof portions covered by the solar panels are actually protected from any damage, such as weather and birds. While installation, the installation experts make sure that the panels are mount perfectly without causing any damage to the roof. They make sure to provide the best fit in terms of utility as well as aesthetics. A sealant is use to fill the gaps between the solar panel and the roofing materials.

Solar panels cause environmental pollution

The fact is that all solar equipment are safer products and are design and manufacture to last for at least 25 years. Also, the manufacturers of these equipment make recyclable products.

Solar panels are prone to damage from wind and birds

Solar panels are made up of toughened glass to prevent easy breakage. The fact is that the only way a bird can damage the solar panel is by its droppings and hence reducing its efficiency. However, this can be easily avoid by setting up a scarecrow to keep the birds away from it. 

Also, the durable mounting structure and workmanship of the solar panels make them easily withstand heavy winds and storms.

Solar systems require too much maintenance

Believe us most of the residential solar panels are almost maintenance-free. The solar panels are made of durable materials which can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. The only maintenance required is to clean the panels with water, once every 15-20 days, to remove any dust or debris accumulated on them. The accumulated dust or debris may affect the solar panel’s performance. However, the maintenance required for the inverter is manufacturer’s specific.

Solar panels can work at night.

The fact is that solar panels work only in the presence of sunlight. The quantity of solar energy produced depends on the amount of sunlight these panels are receiving. exposed to. However, solar power can be store in batteries for use at night.

Solar energy is the true power and one of the best forms of renewable energy that we have today. So, stop believing false solar power myths, and switch your electricity consumption to renewable solar energy.

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