Things to know before selecting a wedding caterer!

Wedding is the biggest commitment you will encounter in your life and at the same time is a good excuse to celebrate. Where the excitement is unmeasurable during a wedding caterer, planning for it is the biggest investment of your time and energy. Every couple wants to make sure that their wedding celebration is perfect, not just  for but for their guests as well.

There are an endless number of decisions which are to be made while planning the wedding. Like the venue, guest list, costumes for every event, and most importantly, the food. 

Every couple wants their wedding food to taste great. And for this, a wedding caterer is a perfect choice. He will not only help you to prepare your wedding menu but also will serve the dinner, supply the tableware rentals, stock the bar, and even bake your wedding cake. 

Things to consider before selecting a wedding caterer

In this blog post, we have shared our top 5 considerations which you must consider before hiring a wedding caterer for your D Day.

Decide Your Budget

It is recommended to nail down your budget before starting to search for a caterer for your wedding. Try to talk to the caterer about the budget you have already set in your mind. You must ask him about various options that may fit in that figure. A good professional caterer should come up with a menu that pleases your taste buds and fits in your budget.

Ask for recommendations

You should ask your wedding planner, friends, colleagues, or family for recommendations before finalizing a caterer for your big day. Wedding planners usually have preferred catering companies that they frequently work with.

Ask for references

References will help you to find out what you may not find out normally. Talk to at least two references, with a similar number of guests and reception menu style, and who had already hired the particular caterer.

Research Online Reviews

You should read the online reviews of the clients on the official websites of the wedding caterer. This will help you to get a fair idea of the level of satisfaction that other clients have received. You can also find reviews on Google, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Schedule a Tasting

Once you have narrowed down potential wedding caterers, it’s time for tasting. The taste test will ensure whether their food lives up to your expectation. 

It will also provide you an opportunity to compare the style, quality, and presentation of the food. Here you can also discuss your own ideas to be incorporated into their existing wedding catering menus.

Check the work license

A work license will ensure that the caterer has met local health department standards and carries liability insurance. If you are planning to serve alcohol to your guests, make sure that the caterer has a liquor license also. 

Caterer’s specialization

If you have some particular type of cuisine in your mind, like organic, gluten-free, or locally sourced food, discuss with your caterer.  who specializes in it.

Services offered

Discuss in detail the services the caterer includes in the offered package like setting up the tables, bar services, and clean up apart from the meals.  Otherwise, you would you have to find additional staff for the same.

Any packages offered 

Check with the caterer if he offers some package deals, as it can save you some serious money. Catering packages often include welcome drinks, appetizers, a salad, and coffee services. So, just ask for sample menus to find out which one suits you.

Sign the contract 

Once you are done with the tastings and finalized the wedding caterer for your big day, it’s time to sign the contract. Just make sure to go through the finalized proposal properly, before signing the contract. If everything is fine and you are happy with the proposal, sign the final contract, and ask the caterer to take it from there!

A good chunk of your wedding budget goes to catering services. So, we highly recommend taking some time and carefully weighing the available options before finalizing a wedding catering service.

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