The Ultimate Guide to White Italian Truffle Oil

Today we will be talking about buying truffle oil online and everything about using white truffle oil. White truffle is also known as the diamond of a kitchen, and it is a rare edible fungus that is highly-priced for the flavor it exhibits and the unique aroma that it has. However, fresh truffles are quite expensive and extremely difficult to source, which is the reason that chefs all across the world often use Italian truffle oil in place of white truffle. The way the aroma swivels from one room to the other within homes and in the entire restaurant is amazing.

It is quite reasonable to assume that Asaro white truffle oil is made using truffles; however, it tastes least like truffles. The truth, however, is that both of these assumptions are entirely wrong.

So What is White Italian Truffle Oil?

White Italian truffle oil is made with an infusion of oil, usually olive oil, with a compound that is found in white truffles. The compound is also known as 2,4 – dithiapentane, which is one of the many aromatic pounds that gives all truffles their flavor and fragrance. A majority of these truffle oils are made using synthetic dithiapentane from petroleum products.

If you find yourself leaning towards White Italian truffle oils that are labeled as all-natural, they often taste like broccoli, celery, mushrooms, and onions. Why does the white Italian truffle oil taste like a combination of all of these vegetables rather than the real white truffles? 

It is usually because the truffles are expensive. Quite often, a small pound of truffles could cost several thousand dollars. Another reason is that there is effectively no reliable way to extract flavors from a truffle. Not only as a compound is highly volatile, but they also quickly disappear. On the usual fresh truffles, only hold their flavor and aroma for about five days. Therefore, using where truffle oil is made from the infusion of actual truffles generally lose their potency quite quickly.

Truffle oils such as Asaro white truffle oil had been popular since the late 1990s. They are used both at restaurants and even buy home cooks. 

How should one use white truffle oil?

It is easy to assume that if truffle oil isn’t made using truffles that the potency of the flavor doesn’t exist. It does exist. All this means is that truffle oil should be used sparingly. With just a dropper two of the oil result on top of the food. However, be very careful not to use truffle oil for cooking since the flavor of the truffle. Oil would be destroyed by the heat used during cooking.

Truffle oil is best used on eggs, pasta, mashed potatoes. French fries, and snacks such as popcorn or even comfort foods such as risotto. Make sure to use a judicious sprinkling of the white truffle oil.

What does truffle really taste like?

Truffle oil has a very sweet earthy, but pungent, almost mushroom taste. Usually, the synthetic compound used to make white Italian truffle oil. Can linger on for quite some time as it is difficult to digest. The most well-rounded flavors, however, come from natural ingredients. Truffle oil generally does also have a taste of olive oil since it is used As a base ingredient for making truffle oil.

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