The Storm Guard – A Protectorate of Colorado Springs

For Colorado Springs to flourish, the natural beauty of the city demands a safe haven where citizens can retreat for a while. The city of 6 million people, with its historic architecture, Blues- and rock-based culture, and serene location in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, is perfect for its needs. To that end, Colorado Springs has been home to an array of fortified cities since the late 17th century. These fortified cities, also known as the Storm Guard, served as a buffer between the city and savage Indians who roamed the surrounding grasslands. The Storm Guards were a family of constables who manned the gates of these fortified cities to keep the civilians of Colorado Springs safe from the elements and wild animals. Today, the term “” is synonymous with quality law enforcement services.

What is a Storm Guard?

The Storm Guard concept dates back to 17th-century Colorado Springs. The city was the first in the United States to hire a professional force to keep the citizens from being scalped by savages who roamed the nearby land. The term “Storm Guard” refers to a type of volunteer law enforcement that consists of sworn and civilian law enforcement. The term “Storm” refers to protection, and “Guard” refers to the service of protection.

Why Is a Storm Guard Important?

Because their job was to keep the citizens of Colorado Springs safe from savages who roamed the nearby land. Protecting their city is the responsibility of the native American people of that area. The term “Storm” refers to protection, and “Guard” refers to the service of protection. Applied equally to the vigilante elements of a community who make ordinary citizens afraid of them. The term “Storm” refers to protection, and “Guard” refers to the service of protection.

How to Get in touch with a Storm Guard

In order to get in touch with a Storm Guard, you must first become a member. There are numerous websites for both the military and law enforcement affiliated with the Storm Guard, and each one is unique. Once you have become a member, you will be able to find a local Storm Guard leader who can help you get in touch with the leaders in your area. You can also send an email to the leaders of the various organizations that comprise the Storm Guard to ask for assistance.

How Long Does a Storm Guard Stay InSync?

As the years pass by, and the population of grows, so does the number of people who want to come into the city to see what it is all about. A protective bulwark, the city of 6 million people has seen its share of strangers since the end of the world as we know it began. From all the visitors who come and the number of strangers who encounter each one, it would appear that the length of a storm guard’s stay in sync with the weather in Colorado Springs has increased greatly.


The future of this city is uncertain, but it is certainly secure. The Rocky Mountains are a bulwark against the elements, and the city has always been at his or her heart. The city will be there when the time comes to defend it from the elements and from wild animals that roam the area. Once again, the Storm Guard has accomplished what it was designed to do. Protecting the city, it is hoped, will be the Storm Guard’s legacy.

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