The Greatest Goal Scorer of All-Time

Football is the most widely supported sport globally; each team attracts a band of loyal fans who are determine to support them, traveling all over the world to watch matches. Football betting is the busiest for all bookmakers both on the High Street and on the Internet, and from a young age, many people dream of a career that mimics that of their hero from David Beckham to Pele to Cristiano Ronaldo. Over this time, some players have become most memorable for their impressive goalscoring records. Either because they have scored an incredible number of goals. Rr because they have a knack for turning things around at the last minute. And generating that all-important match-saving goal. So, just who are the greatest goal scorers of all time?

Joseph Bican

Based solely on numbers, Austria and Czechoslovakia player Joseph Bican takes the record for 805 goals scored over 530 matches. He had a particularly fast Sprint meaning that he could leave. The opponents in his wake and take the goalkeeper by surprise. He played 217 games for Slavia Prague scoring 395 of his goals for them.


Often lauded as simply the best player ever, Pele started his career when he was just 15 years of age Santos. He is the highest-scoring player in Brazil scoring an impressive 77 goals in just 92 games which is still an unbeaten record even today. He is also the only player who has ever been in a World Cup-winning team three times. Despite his death some years ago young fans still talk about him and strive to play like him. His overall goal scoring record in 831 matches that he played is 767 goals coming close to nearly one goal every game.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Indeed, a name that the young people of today will recognise. He became one of Manchester United’s top scorers taking an impressive 84 goals during his time with them. He has also played with Real Madrid scoring 290 two goals. And as an international for Portugal 100 and two goals. He currently belongs to your event us and is consider certainly a close rival to Pele. And is likely to pass his all-time scoring record. Which stood at 767 goals as currently Ronaldo already has 760 goals, over the 1049 matches he has played in.


It is strange to think that despite the number of notable footballers around in the modern-day. The record for the most goals scored is still often many years ago. Zico played 800 games from 1971 to 1989 and holds the title as one of Brazil’s best-ever players. He was never actually meant to be a striker, and yet in these games, he score an impressive 522 go. Back then, the assist statistics didn’t get take into consideration. But he certainly helped his team on many occasions passing to another striker to clear the goal. He played for Flamengo and a couple of other teams occasionally.

Jimmy Greaves

Not all of the top scorers are international players, Jimmy Greaves. Who went on to be one of the best football pundits, started his life with Tottenham Hotspur. During his time with them, he recorded 266 goals. And was also one of the best international England players we have ever seen. While playing for his national side, he managed to rack up a series of 6 tricks and scored 44 goals for his country. During his career, he also spent time at AC Milan, Chelsea. And West Ham United, with his final goal tally coming in at 511 goals. However, there is no confirmation of how many games he played over.

Lionel Messi

It seems fair that if we’re talking about the most significant goal scorers ever, we are also considering the best players in football ever. Lionel Messi certainly features as one of the top three, and in 942 games he has scored 740 two goals which is again a very impressive statistic. He plays for FC Barcelona which has been his home for the duration of his playing time. He first took to the pitch in 2003 and for the club has scored 444 goals, having also played internationally scoring over 70 goals. He is undoubtedly a much in demand all-around player, and Argentina will certainly be sad to lose him when he finally hangs up his football boots for the last time.


Who scored the most goals in the 1994 World Cup? Well, the answer is Romario, in 944 matches he was able to rack up an impressive 772 goals and was known for being incredibly fast on his feet. His ability to keep the ball on the floor ‘glued’ to his boot certainly flawed his defenders and saw him sink many goals into the back of the net. When he ended his football career, he made an unusual switch to politics and is equally successful in his new role although perhaps not scoring many goals daily.

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