The Best Moving Company in Copenhagen

We can offer a cheap Moving Company in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, if you are in the situation that you have to move, to or from Copenhagen, whether it is private or business, then we can guarantee you help. We are a family-owned company, which has many years of experience in serving customers throughout Copenhagen. But in particular the capital, for the same reason we often go by the name Flytning københavn ( Moving company Copenhagen). Which we are one of Copenhagen’s favorite moving companies.

Then the moving company is the right choice among Copenhagen’s many moving companies. we have over many years of experience as a moving company in Copenhagen. Therefore, you can safely leave the complete move to our moving company. Our professional movers, who all have extensive experience, will be helpful throughout the relocation process.

We always send a consultant when you need to move:

We always send a consultant from our moving company free of charge and without obligation. When we receive a moving request. If you choose the moving company as your moving company in Copenhagen. We will send one of our consultants out to inspect the move. So that our movers can get an overview of the scope of the task. In this connection, you can at the same time keep track of how many moving boxes are needed to move, etc. Our consultant subsequently comes up with a free and non-binding offer.

We send movers out in Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen. If it’s about moving from or to other geographical areas, contact us, and we’ll find out something.

Moving company Copenhagen, get an offer:

You can fill out and send a relocation request with your information about your relocation online. This information is important to us so we come up with the right moving car and the appropriate number of movers. If you want an offer from one of the best moving companies in Copenhagen, call 50 13 34 48. Or fill out our moving form – you can find this by clicking the button below.

Efficient moving company in Copenhagen:

We are an efficient moving company and the majority of our customers come from Copenhagen. But also from areas such as Flytning københavn. We have good storage facilities and can help with both furniture storage, archive storage, and function as a storage hotel. This means that today we have more than many years of experience as a Flyttemænd (Movers) company.

We are a professional moving company and offers:

  • Private relocation
  • Business relocation
  • Lagerhotel
  • Furniture storage
  • Container storage

As a moving company, we are a member of the Danish Furniture Transport Association:

We are of course a member of the Danish Furniture Transport Association, which is a guarantee that the relocation work will be carried out in accordance with current regulations, and it also means that we are insured if the accident should occur.

What does a move cost?

The price of a move depends on several different factors, including what to move and how much to move. We are happy to give you a non-binding offer on moving. You can contact us at or at 50 13 34 48 , if you want us to help you with your moving task. We live in Copenhagen, and therefore have many moving tasks in the surrounding cities, including and Flyttefirma ( Moving company). In addition to the capital area, we of course also serve customers.

You are of course also welcome to call if you have questions about any of our other services, or if you want to hear about our good storage options. Call or send an email and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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