Best Home Cleaning Service Company in Denmark

Both institutions and individuals may need help with a round of cleaning. Institutions are usually cleaned at regular intervals, which also often applies to private individuals, but other things can usually also be agreed upon. When making an appointment for cleaning, the content may vary. Some want to vacuum and do floor washing, while others want Rengøringshjælp ( Home cleaning service) or something completely third.

Do you need help with your cleaning?

  • The tasks where you may have a request for help can be, for example:
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor washing and stair washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Wipe dust off
  • Wash down – eg ceilings or walls
  • Cleaning after moving

Cleaning by craftsmen Many people can find it difficult to achieve great cleaning for everyday life, and the weekends can also often be fille with social events or sporting activities. It usually gets no less busy if you have children.

Some families choose to have help with cleaning regularly every week or every 14 days, where they get vacuume, washed floors, and the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning help must be agree with the cleaning help or the Rengøringsfirma (Cleaning company) company.

You can also search for cleaning for business. It can be office premises that you would like to have cleaned in the early morning hours or cleaning in eg kindergartens.

Window cleaning

You can also choose to get help for a single thing in your home, such as window cleaning. A number of cleaning companies specialize in this area, and they do not undertake many other types of cleaning. At several companies, you can either choose to have windows plastered every 4 or 8 weeks.

Window cleaning no longer always consists of having a ladder on the roof, a bucket of water in the back of the car with an associated brush and window scraper. Some companies eventually invest in equipment, where they drive around with large tanks of demineralized water, where water-carrying telescopic brushes can be connected. Demineralized water provides streak-free windows.

That way, it’s actually more of a window wash than a window wash. During window washing, bars and frames are also often cleaned, which is an advantage compared to window cleaning, as the entire window section will thus appear neat and clean and not just the window glass itself.

Help with the cleaning

If you want help with the cleaning, search safely for a helper or company in your area on, so you can solve your tasks. You may need to get hold of several people or companies if you have several different desires. It can be cleaning in the house and exterior window cleaning.

If you have a cleaning service that you would like to offer, do not hesitate to create a profile on That way you will be visible to all those who want help with the cleaning. Remember to write what areas of cleaning you cover and what experience you have. You can also mention how far you are willing to transport yourself to get to work.

We take good care of your home

Another thing that characterizes Privat rengøringshjælp ( Home cleaning help) from is the safety measures that we take on an ongoing basis. As a whole basic thing, of course, we make sure to check our cleaning assistants’ criminal records. Next, we are well insured in case an accident should happen – something that is not always a matter of course in our industry. Of course, we do everything we can to prevent and avoid accidents, but since we are only human, it is impossible to guard ourselves 100% against accidental accidents. Our insurance, therefore, covers both our employees, but also the private cleaning that we do at your home.

When you hand over your key to us, you can also be sure that we take good care of it. We first and foremost acknowledge receipt of your key, so we have the legal in place from the start. In addition, your key is stored in a locked key cabinet in our office, where only selected employees have access. Last but not least, we operate with numbered keys without an address, so that you can not see where your key fits without looking in our closed IT system.

However, private cleaning service is more than criminal records, insurance, and keys – for us, it is also common sense. Therefore, our cleaning assistants work from the idea that they should treat your home as if it were your own. Therefore, expect us to turn off the light after us, not let the water run unnecessarily, and generally do treat your home as you yourself would have done.

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