Spain Warned of Dire Impact of Second Corona Virus Lockdown

The sound of gratitude Spain’s emergency service workers shows the support for the medical staff working around the clock. This all is to care for the nation’s soaring number of Corona Virus patients health. Workers struggling with the huge stretch of resources. There are no waterproof gowns the colleagues protect themselves. By using garbage bags trying to get the protection that the hospital does not give them. In addition, waiting rooms set up to treat patients without oxygen neither respirators. The situation is often got Spain’s Prime Minister urged the nation to prepare emotionally and psychologically for the coming challenges. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come tough days ahead. We will see the impact of the hardest most damaging hour that will push to its limits. Our material and moral capacities as well as our tenacity as a society Spain is racing to finish construction.

Temporary hospital for Corona Virus Patients:

Although, temporary hospital’s constructions completed. This includes transforming Madrid’s largest exhibition center to provide over 5,000 additional beds. The country’s lockdown is having some unintended repercussions hospitalize corona virus patients force to leave their pets at home. The restrictions on movement means friends and relatives are unable to retrieve the abandoned pets. So, these volunteers in Madrid rescuing the animals looking after them. This may be until they can eventually be reunite hopefully with their recover owners. Spain in lockdown for a week still the numbers keep rising is for authorities to step up measures. Well the government said that the measures they put in place are actually one of the restrictive measures. They rule out any further measures. This includes whether an increase in voices are our demand in a total lockdown like Italy just adopt.

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Public Helps for CoronaVirus:

We run only basic services with the help of some experts. Experts say that the system may be collapsing or more in less than four days if no measures put in place. I guess that you’re listening and hearing about coronavirus.  Just on that, think about how people in Madrid dealing with a situation of not able to leave their homes. well as you can see people who try and people are trying to work remotely with their kids at home. This may cause that they are increasingly anxious. This is because we don’t know for how long this situation will continue.  Likewise, what is going to be left after everything ends in these crises? Although, fifty percent of workers and the Spaniards are afraid or fear they might lose their jobs in the coming months.

Solutions for CoronaVirus:

This all can done if things are not changing anytime soon. Well as we just heard in the report Spain is racing to finish the construction of field hospital in Expo Center.  How prepare is the Spanish health system you mention four days until collapse can make hope. The government just announce 700 extra respirators in 240,000 rapid coronavirus tests. They want to increase the number of tests up to 6 million in the coming days and weeks. In the exhibition centre in Madrid 5,000 best Hospitals put in place also hotels are turning into hospitals.

In addition, some of the patients and also health workers that are coming from other parts of Spain. But well we will still need to see exactly probably in these coming days. Spain should find a solution to protecting it from speeding. In my opinion, we try to follow China’s strategy by making some changes according to our culture and religious priorities. .

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