Who is the Richest Man In United Kingdom?

People who work hard and take right decision about their life become rich. A developed country play an important role for becoming rich person. United kingdom is one of developed country, the first world country. It facilitates their nation to earn as much as they work hard. The population of UK is about 66.44 million out of which 20 people has more than 5 billion dollars wealth. Srichand hinduja is on the top of the list. He is the famous and richest man in UK. Srichand is the chief executive officer of hinduja group. Under the umbrella of hinduja group, there are number of businesses which include automotive, oil and gas, Real Estate, Power, Healthcare, Trading, Media, Project Development, Banking and Finance, and Cyber Security.

Mr Srichand Hinduja holding about 20.6 Euros industrial fortune.

Richest Man In United Kingdom

Srichand Hinduja was born in 1935 in Karachi. He educated from Daver’s College Mumbai. He is the eldest son of Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja. When Srichand join business, his father was doing textile and trading businesses in Bombay. Now he is the chairman of Hinduja Group, Hinduja Bank of Switzerland, and Hinduja Foundation. Sirchand completed his education is 1952 and joined his father in business. With his brother, Srichand established and strategized the diversification and growth of hinduja group. He believe that the free market economy help to improve tolerance and understanding among diverse people and culture.

Thus the experience of free market and different economies such as Asia, middle east, Europe, and America make the Srichand’s belief that the free market economy may increase responsiveness and cognition culture. Srichand is the Non-Resident Indian businessman present the idea of indusind bank, the first private bank of new generation in Asia. By the creativity of their mind and new strategies, he becomes the richest man in UK.

Srichand do lots of struggle after that he become a richest person in UK. Under the leadership of Srichand Hinduja, the Hinduja Group is running about 25 companies. At the top of this list Ashok Leyland Ltd. Ashok Leyland is the 4th largest commercial vehicle manufacturing company in world. The company export there vehicles to more than 50 countries, having 9 manufacturing plan out of which 7 are in India and 2 in UAE and England, each. Another company of Hinduja Group is Gulf Oil Corporation. The Gulf Corporation was founded in 2002 and now become the leading company in India.

The company has four major divisions, Commercial Explosive, Mining and Infrastructure, Lubricant, and Specialty Chemical. Gulf also trade their products around the world with having headquarter in London. It has filling stations around the world in different countries including Europe, South America, and Indonesia.

Srichand Hinduja is married to Madhu Hinduja and they have two daughters and one son. His one daughter Shanu Srichand Hinduja was married in 1988 with the son of another London Based Sindhi trading family. And Other daughter Vinoo Srichand hinduja is a board member of P.D. Hinduja National Hospital in Mumbai. Their son was died after burn 70% of his body due to self-immolation in a hotel room. He tried for suicide with his wife but luckily she survived. The richest man in UK thinks that every day is a challenged for him. He love to hear debates and to see what are new innovations, what are new thinks happening. He read newspaper to see why politician keep on giving different types of statements, what is behind it. Analysis is the passion of Srichand Hinduja.

He like to analyze the world current situation which, he thinks, his greatest gift from god and help in becoming the richest man in UK. Srichand like to do challenging things in his life and always try to make possible from impossible.

Srichand get up quarter to five. His day starts with yoga, meditation. He become busy in his laptop or iPod to see what new changes has become in world and how they impact on the world and his business as well. Srichand always try to give their messages and guidance about what is to be done to the people who need it. He has personal experience, starting from, typist, to a clerk, to a banking, and ex-boards. Due to this, he feel very comfortable in doing all these things. He said, in the morning the most brightest thoughts come up. Whenever he finds some file which are difficult for him, he tell his staff to leave it to his night folder, because at 5:30 he is on his desk. He thinks that was real time at which he can concentrate on issues when rest of people are sleeping.

To become the richest man in UK, the life of Srichand is an example everyone to follow his routine and hardworking.

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