Review nike jordan 1 travis scott the uniqueness comes from the reverse logo

Jordan is one of the product lines that are considered to have contributed a lot to the success of Nike. This product line is strongly welcomed by many young people and sneaker enthusiasts. On November 5, 2019, one of the masterpieces of the collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott was released as nike jd 1 travis scott . If you are a sneaker addict, you can’t miss it.

Nike jordan 1 travis scott shoes with Unique Design

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott is one of the most successful and most welcomed designs. ​It is one of the most popular product lines and one of the shoes designed by his idol himself. So almost every young sneaker enthusiast wants to have these shoes for themselves.

These shoes are specially designed from the combination of colors and special touches of the patterns. With the main color with Caffe brown, create one of the street styles. Youthful and dynamic. Using suede material to create a luxurious look for the shoes.

Nike jordan 1 travis scott shoes with luxurious materials

Travis Scott Air x Jordan 1 High OG shoes use 2 main materials: suede (suede) and tumbled leather. Suede is used on all parts with Mocha brown colors such as the toe, eyelet, heel, and neckline. Give the shoes a dusty, personality, yet extremely youthful, dynamic design with a bit of a street look. With such smooth leather, this sneaker model is even more fascinated by sneakerheads.

The uniqueness of Travis Scott comes from the reverse logo

In addition to the similar design layout to other Nike Jordan 1 lines, the Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott has a very special design with details bearing the unique identity of the famous male rapper, a man with a great love for music. sneakers, stylish dress personality.

Perhaps the most interesting detail for every sneakerhead is the oversized reversed Swoosh logo. Indeed, this is a design detail that makes the sneaker community admire because not everyone can transform a legendary icon so extravagantly.

The white ‘Cactus Jack’ lettering is interwoven with the black Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe. Black Tumbled leather is used for the Swoosh. White nylon is used for the tongue and black is used for the collar.

The special thing is that the tongue and the side are embroidered. And printed with the word cactus jack. And the back of the heel is embossed with a very different human face. To create brand values ​​for the Travis scott product line. These shoes are combined with 5 colors of the second to help users combine many different styles.

Should I Buy Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott at DQ SHOP?

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The place to buy the prestigious Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott shoes

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