Remember These Tips When Creating Your Marriage Card Online

Everything becomes online from ordering food to creating marriage cards for your wedding. This has to be the biggest revolution that the world has ever witnessed over the few centuries. Maybe the covid might be played a small role in this technological revolution. Because of the pandemic, no one can step out of their homes. 

Because of that restriction, people shifted towards online platforms to fulfil their daily needs. But the growth of technology helps us to do everything online apart from our daily needs. For instance, you can create a marriage card and share it with your friends and family digitally. This can be done without stepping out of your home. 

Marriage cards are important to any wedding ceremony after the horoscope matching of the potential couples. During the horoscope matching, the astrologers will decide on an auspicious date for the wedding. This auspicious date will be used on the marriage card along with the other important details.

The creation of marriage cards through online platforms is simple and easy. Because most platforms have ready-to-use templates where you can simply put your details and download them to share. But still, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while creating your marriage card on online platforms. Following are the tips to remember while creating your marriage card online.


This a common mistake by most people while creating their marriage cards online. Because most people simply end up on platforms with improper service. This is mainly because of improper research by the users. Choose a platform that is well-known and easy to use if you want to create a marriage card. 

If you want to design a marriage card on your own from scratch, choose canva or adobe. If you haven’t done design but wanted to create your own these platforms are good. Because these platforms also provide tutorials to use their platform for free. On the other hand, there are also platforms to create a marriage card from a template. You can choose one from the following if you want template-based platforms.

  • Papier
  • Minted
  • Betterhalf
  • Etsy

All you have to do is select a template on the platform you want. Then enter the necessary details you want and download the template to share it with everyone. This will save you money and time since everything was done online.


Another common mistake done by the wedding party not proofreading the final draft. Even though you are doing everything online, this is a must to avoid mistakes. Think of a situation where you shared a marriage card with the wrong information. And you have realised when it is too late to correct it. It will not only bring stress to you but also hassles to your invitees. 

Nobody wants these kinds of situations on their wedding day when they should be enjoying instead of worrying and stressing. Another problem is that if you have used free templates, then it is no issue. In the case of using paid or premium templates, you have to be careful. Because no one likes to waste money unnecessarily at their wedding. Even if you took a wedding loan you have to be careful in spending money.

To avoid this hardship spend some time extra time proofreading your final draft. Always make sure to note down the information after your horoscope matching. Because these are the important details that go on your marriage card. After proofreading, share the final draft with your family and the bride/groom’s family. Because it’s good to have different perspectives instead of making a mistake.


Some people like to have a unique theme at their wedding. This might their dream or just to stand out from others in their wedding. Whatever the reason is, marriage cards are the starting point of all this. Because through marriage cards only people get to know about your wedding. And you have to leave a glimpse of your theme wedding through the marriage cards. So it is important to select a marriage card that suits your wedding theme. If you start the search early, you can find the perfect marriage card sooner. 

Other Important Things to Remember

  • Always start the process related to marriage cards as early as possible. 
  • Maintain a checklist to make things easier during the process.
  • Maintain a list of invitees to share the marriage card and to get an RSVp.
  • Do proper and deep research before selecting the final marriage card design or template.
  • Most importantly don’t stress yourself in the process and remember to take a break. 

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