Reasons Why Your iPhone is Slow


Sometimes our iPhones seem laggy and slow. It takes longer than usual to open and close up the apps. Our iPhones get laggy because of the unused media and unused apps. There are some reasons why this happens to our phones and how to deal with it. Find out how to fix these issues on your phone:

Low on space:

Everybody faces the ‘low on space’ issue on their phone because they keep downloading media and documents on their phone but never delete the data that’s not in use. Pictures and video take up a lot of storage space in your phone. Always free up space to let your phone function properly. You can buy an iCloud storage and back up your data on it. This will save space on your phone and your phone will perform better.

Obsolete software:

Your iPhone’s performance will change badly as it gets older. Apple claims that they slow down the older versions of software to save the phone and keep it away from closing down because of an aged battery. Before you buy a newer iPhone as a successor, check if your phone has any software updates available.

Go to Settings > then General > then tap on Software Update.

Apps running in the background:

Sometimes you keep tapping on the apps, scroll through them and forget to close them down. Then suddenly, your phone starts acting weird and slows down a bit. It’s because of the apps, they take up your RAM and your CPU usage gets higher while all the apps are opened. It happens often when you’re a multitasker who does their work on several apps.

If you want the speedy performance of your iPhone, you need to clear cache and memory once in a while. If there’s an unused app, which you haven’t used for ages, delete that app. It’s not because it will free up some space in your phone, but if it was running in the background, you will see the smooth speed of your iPhone after that. Turning off the automatic updates of apps can enhance your phone’s performance speed by reducing those irritating background processes.

High-level performance settings:

Over many years, iPhones have achieved the crown as ruler of the high-end performance phones. Some of the high-performance settings can slow down your phone. Some of these settings behind the iPhone slowdowns can actually be an irritation for some users. If you play with these settings it can enhance your experience of how you enjoy your iPhone.

There are graphic settings that you can control on some models to increase the performance speed. You will still get the awesome display from your iPhone even if you lower down some graphic settings. One of the handiest settings that can bring a good change in performance is the Motion setting. To access this setting, you need to go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Accessibility, there will be an option of ‘Reduce Motion’, check if it’s on or off. If it’s turned off, try to turn it on as it will accelerate up your phone. This setting adjusts that animation when you swipe through a screen or apps. It helps boost up the phone by using fewer sources. It is also easier on the eyes for some users.

Resetting your phone:

Sometimes, even our minds need a reset button. Just to stop all the tasks and whatever is going on in our mind. The same is the case with our iPhones, they keep doing all the processes all day and then they start getting stuck. Because of the chipset and RAM working together the phone gets too hot and starts getting slow down suddenly. To fix this issue, all you have to do is to reset it. Switch off the phone and later turn it on. While doing this make sure that your device is unplugged during the whole process. No one knows why iPhones are like this, but restarting the device will clear its memory and it will start behaving normally after that.

CONCLUSION: iPhones are great and innovative. They have been doing wonders with their amazing chipset and superb performance. Sometimes they get slower because of the user not keeping a track of unused apps and background apps or haven’t updated the new software firmware. You can always go to UBreakIFix for assistance. For getting your phone checked up and services, feel free to contact us. If you are on the lookout to buy a used phone in Kelowna, get in touch with us.

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