Natural Stone Restoration, What To Expect?

Natural stones like marble limestone and granite, look classy and naturally more attractive as compared to any other synthetic floors. However, natural stones are durable, but they are porous too. So, the daily wear and tear and use of chemicals on the natural stone can badly affect the finishes of the surfaces. However, natural stone can be brought back to life with the help of professional stone restoration and stone polishing services.

Important factors to consider while restoring natural stone

  1. Type of stone – Different natural stones have different strength levels and hence require divergent ways of handling. So being informed about the type of natural stone will help in identifying the materials and tools to be used during the restoration process.
  2. How the natural stone has been maintained so far – Having complete information about the cleaning agents used on the stone surfaces and other ways the stone has been maintained so far will help in the restoration process.

Before starting the restoration process, the stone polishing service provider will determine the extent of the repair required on your natural stone floor. They will ask questions related to the damage and cleaning agents you normally use in maintaining the stone.

After the initial assessment of the floor, they will provide an estimate of the budget of the restoration project.

You need to prepare the area for the restoration process. Move the furniture and appliances to some other place. For minor restoration of space, you can use the space right after the restoration process is complete. However, for heavier restoration, space may be unusable for fewer days.

What to expect during the restoration process

The restoration process may take a day or two depending on the damage to the natural stone.

The restoration process is quite similar to the wet sanding process. It involves the application of a powder or cream abrasive on the stone surface. If the stone is extensively damaged, the stone polishing service provider or restorer will use a hand machine with an industrial diamond disc, along with safe cleaning solvents. This will exfoliate the stone surface, giving them their old natural beauty back. Depending on the finish after this exfoliation, the stone will be repolished or rehoned.

Once the floor dries completely, the stone polishing service provider will apply a sealant to the stone surface. Sealant technically preserves the cooler and shine of the stone surface and augment it to last longer.

This sealant will take at least 3 days to completely cure. So make sure not to intrude on the restored flooring during this period.

Care after natural stone restoration 

  • Once the restoration process is complete, the stone seals. Let the sealer cure for 2-3 days. Also, avoid any accidental intrusions or damages during this period.
  • Avoid using acidic and harsh chemicals on the stone surface, as they may damage the restored stones again.  

Things to consider 

Before finalizing a stone polishing service provider, consider these tips:

  • Look for a local restoration service provider in your area.
  • Check the reviews and ratings online or on their social media accounts.
  • Ask for quotes from at least 2 or 3 service providers, and compare those with valid reasoning behind the estimated charges. 

Natural stone is highly durable and attractive, and hence tempt everyone to install it on the floor. However, the glamour of the natural stone does not last long and the daily wear and tear fade it.  SO you have to look for professional stone restoration and polishing services. We highly recommend trusting only reliable and legitimate restoration companies.

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