Most Popular Social Media Platform in 2020

The human being has been designed to socialize whatever media is used. Some are more active than others. One thing is certain, nowadays, socializing on social media networks is an integral part of our life. No more physical appointments to enlarge our relational network. Thus, the list of social networks is growing over the years and the number of users continues to grow to around 2 billion so far! The massive use of mobile devices will only increase this Seo Oriented Trend.

            Seventeen years ago, Friendster was the only social network identified. Only 3 million people were registered on the platform. Other sites quickly came to challenge the social network: in 2005, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut and Flickr had passed Friendster. Two years later, YouTube dethroned MySpace and became the first social network to cross the symbolic threshold of 100 million users.

            In 2006, FaceBook opens to the general public. And nothing can stop it: in 2011, the social network Mark Zuckerberg exceeds YouTube and passes the 500 million active users. Meanwhile, other platforms are desperately trying to impose themselves, like Google Buzz, or survive, like MySpace. In 2013, less than a year after its purchase by Facebook, Instagram reached the top 10 social media networks. Its progression is then dazzling, doubling successively Orkut, Weibo, Flickr, Google Buzz, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr, until joining WeChat on the podium in 2018.

            The number of users of social networks has exploded in recent years. Several reasons can explain this important growth: increased Internet speeds, especially on mobile phones (3G, 4G, etc.), lowering the cost of computers and Smartphones, improving platforms and social applications, etc. Since 2015, we observe several phenomena: Google’s platforms have plummeted, Chinese social networks like Weibo or WeChat have imposed, Snapchat has – very briefly – pointed the tip of its nose, in 2016, before seeing a new competitor arrive: TikTok. The app, acclaimed by teens, comes in force in 2018, with 500 million users.

            Today, more than the number, it is especially the diversity of social networks that modifies the cultural landscape on the Internet. Download WhatsApp, in lack of inspiration on fashion or for your travels? Pin on Pinterest! Rather, are you on the Internet to maintain your professional network? LinkedIn is for you.

            If we decided to write this article, it is in particular to make a classification of the social networks in the world in 2019: how many active users, at least once a month, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and WhatsApp? Finding, verifying and updating the numbers of assignment writing service users are a long and tedious job, which we started since 2013. Each number on the number of social network users is carefully selected and verified by our teams, to offer you the best sources available on the Internet. That is why we rely on the data of renowned research firms like Harris Interactive, as well as on the official figures published by each social network, issued quarterly, for those listed on the stock market (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp).

FaceBook – The World Leader

            Whoever talks about social networks cannot miss FaceBook. The entry into the market of new networks in recent years has not changed anything to the supremacy of the American giant. The annual social media marketing report highlights FaceBook’s undisputed position as a leader in the most widely used social networks with 93% of marketing professionals surveyed using this platform, despite competition from other networks. Facebook adds 500,000 new members a day, 6 new profiles per second!

Building Loyalty

            FaceBook is considered the mother of social media platforms and serves primarily as a means of communication between its members, but also between private users and businesses. On official profiles of service providers or brands, there are exchanges of praise, criticism and experience. This real-time interaction is a great challenge for community management, but can also significantly enhance customer retention.

            The commitment of companies on the social network FaceBook has become a standard. As a global marketing and interaction platform, FaceBook offers an extraordinary reach. Interesting FaceBook posts can be quickly shared by users, and thus reach many readers. This phenomenon is called the “go viral”, or “become viral”. Due to its high potential reach and low cost, viral marketing is increasingly being taken into consideration by companies. However the relevance and authenticity of content are important on FaceBook. The target group is often reached only through high quality publications and adapted themes. As a junction between stakeholders and businesses, a FaceBook profile serves as a customer relationship and creates new information and new approaches to product development.

            FaceBook is the platform that offers the greatest reach. No other platform can motivate or approach your target so directly and interact with it. Of course, success on FaceBook does not usually happen overnight and requires, on the contrary, time and a sensible strategy to hope to win customers and prospects.

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