Live slots online vs Live Casino Table Games

When you think of live casino games the chances are that you picture a casino lounge full of live dealers standing at Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette tables slots online. What usually does not come to mind are live slots no deposit bonus games.

Live Slots: A Closer Look 

When you spin slot games you usually do this on your own, unless you gamble with friends or are a live streamer. Obviously, you spin the reels and let the Random Number Generator decide the fate of each spin. The purpose of live slots is to bring a table game atmosphere to slot games. If you find slot spinning to be a lonely experience, then live slots could be for you. 

Live Slots Set Up 

Like table games, live slots are played in a mock casino lounge setting that is usually a dressed-up television studio. The games are beamed live to the designated casino platforms in HD and all customers need is a reliable broadband connection to join in. All the live slot games can be accessed at the Live Casino lobby of online casinos and not in the general slot game lobbies.

Similar to live table games, live slots have a host that you can interact with and if you are worried that the RNG used in the gambling industry is not truly random, then live slot games are spun by the host instead. This is made possible because live slots are played out on a wheel format rather than a reel and the host simply gives the wheel a spin, once all the punters have been given plenty of time to lay down their bets. 

The Purpose of Live Slots 

Apart from bringing a social element to slot playing, the other main reason live slots exist is to bring slot players into the Live Casino lobby with the hope that they regularly return to try table games as well. Many slot spinners are content with playing only slot games and rarely explore all other sections of online casinos and Live Slots are used to tempt players back to table games. The choice of games is small at the moment but slots like Buffalo Blitz have been given a live wheel spinning makeover. 

Live Casino Games 

It will be a long time before live slots eclipse traditional live casino table games, and this is because some of these games are as old as casinos themselves. These games are embedded in casino culture that they will always be played to a certain degree, no matter what innovations are introduced by the gambling industry. Even though games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat work best at land-based casinos, they still have a major part to play in the success of online casinos as well. 

Final Thoughts 

Live slots are a clever concept and they also remove the RNG from the equation. However, the experience offered may be eclipsed once VR slots become more commonplace online.

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