The Key Points To Pay Attention to in Buying Ergonomic Mouse

1. Ergonomic Small Mouse is More suitable for Daily Use.

The ergonomic Mouse is designed to fit your hands in a more natural way. It reduces fatigue on your fingers and wrists. They tend to set buttons with additional functions in a short distant. Their comfort depends on many conditions. Just like the way you like to hold them. Some users prefer to hold the Mouse flat. While others prefer to hold the Mouse with radians.

Size is an important factor for comfort level. Therefore, if you buy an ergonomic Mouse in the market, do some tests first. Or at least buy it in a place with a good return policy. In addition, why you not consider buying a vertical Mouse. It is a special ergonomic Mouse. This is the first choice for ergonomic vertical small Mouse.

Another comfort factor is noise. People often ignore it. Most Mice will make a continuous click while long-time using. Even if it doesn’t annoy you, it may annoy others nearby. You can choose a noiseless Mouse to solve this problem.

In addition, buying Bluetooth Mouse is also a good choice. Bluetooth Mouse gets rid of the limitation of Mouse line. You can use the Mouse more freely within a certain range.

2. Higher DPI is not always a better choice

One of the main specifications of Mouse in advertisements you will see is DPI. That is, dots per inch. In simplest terms, this shows the amount of movement per inch that the Mouse pointer actually moves. Let`s take a 4K display as an example. You use a Mouse with a pixel width of 3840, 400DPI. You need to drag nearly 10 inches on the table with the pointer moving from the left edge to the right edge. How far does the 3000DPI Mouse need to move? About an inch and a half.

sometimes the higher technical specifications bring the better experience. This is not the case. DPI shows the speed at which the Mouse pointer moves. But too fast is not always an advantage.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Most ordinary users do not need to worry about DPI at all.

2) High DPI is ideal for high resolution display or multi-display settings. It allows you to traverse the screen faster.

3) High DPI allows you to react faster in games. Lower DPI provides you with better control and accuracy. Players need a Mouse with adjustable DPI settings.

4) A lower DPI may be better for Photoshop or other applications that require high precision.

3. Differences between optical and laser Mouse The two most common Mice are optical Mice and laser Mice. They are actually variants of the same technology. The main difference is that the optical Mouse uses LED to reflect the lower surface. While the laser Mouse uses laser to track motion. Therefore, you can only use the optical Mouse on flat and opaque surfaces. Most laser Mice can work on a wider range of surfaces, including glass.

Laser Mouse is more sensitive. They can reach a higher DPI level. It means they can track motion more accurately and move on the screen faster. This Mouse may lead to the problem of too fast speed. This is a nightmare for gamers. Many people prefer the stability of optical Mice to the accuracy of laser Mice.

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