Important Ingredients For a Successful Bengali Matrimony

If you are wondering what will make your Bengali matrimony a successful alliance, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out!

Marriage is a two-way street. It is as easier to start abhorring someone after marriage as it was to love them before. You might have heard most people complaining that their spouses change or behave indifferently after marriage. If you do not want the same happening with you and your Bengali bride. Keep note of these points! 

Listen More Speak Less

One of the crucial keys to happy marriages is listening. And listen to understand them emotionally more than replying logically. Remember, when your partner is acting weird or being cranky for no reason all they need from you is to listen and be available for them emotionally. If you will try to shut them up with your “logical” statements, you are going with the most illogical approach. So, the best way would be to cuddle them up, kiss them on the forehead and let them know you are there no matter what.

Hug Them Often

It is indeed “Jaadu ki Jhappi”. You will literally forget all your worries when your favorite person hugs you for no reason. Imagine coming from a stressful day at work and getting hugs for no reason. Smiling already? We know you would love to implement that in your marriage. 

So, if your partner is yelling at you for some unknown reason at work, you can simply solve it with a hug, kiss, and be all ears for them. Well, there is more. Read the next points!

Compliment Them for No Reason

Not just girls, even guys blushes and love getting complimented for no reason. Everyone deserves to be encouraged and praised for every little thing they do. It will make them do more often of good things if you let them know about it. Also, they will become more conscious and careful before doing anything that might upset you. However, do not just butter them up. Apart from being your soulmate’s encouragement, you shall also be their best critic. This will further limit others from criticizing your husband/wife.

Let Them be Themselves

This is one of the most common problems in most Bengali matrimony marriages. Many times, one partner starts overpowering the other. They become controllable of other’s actions to the extent that it becomes suffocating. Your betterhalf might act accordingly or listen to you for a while. But if you will continue behaving the same way, they will get irritated and might want to come out of the relationship. However, letting oneself be as they are is the finest and most liberating form of love!

Don’t Make Them Feel Less

It is human nature to live in self doubt at times. So, you job is to make them feel secure and enough as they are. Do not say or do anything that will trigger their insecurities any further. Once they get out of their low phase, they will reflect back on how you treated them at the time if need. Make sure you only left positive impact on their mind. Also, you can remind them of their past achievements to boost their energy.

Fear of Losing Them is GOOD!

As long as you fear losing them you can never take them for granted. So, having a little fear inside is not really a bad thing. It will make you partner feel loved and wanted. But most marriages in Bengali matrimonial stales when the spouses become too sure and comfortable around each other. 

Whenever your marriage starts to loose the spark, remember about the first time you met them. How all fascinated and smitten you were. If you show even 50% of care, adoration and admiration towards each other as it was in the beginning, your marriage will most likely succeed. 

So, these are some of the ‘must consider’ point after marriage in Bengali matrimony. The problems in most marriage starts after sensing major changes in partner’s behavior post-marriage. However, these changes are inevitable as the time passes. People grow, their priorities chnage, time changes, etc. But when you are changing, processing, growing along with your partner and make sure to never forget them in the process, your marriage is already the best!

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