How you can use various types of boxes in packaging

Have you ever taken anything for any shop that is not packed? Maybe not. You have seen that most of the products are packed from carton box manufacturer. The packaging is a very basic thing before giving any product to someone. If you are going to shop and take anything from it, then the shopkeeper packs you the goods well. So, you can easily carry it.  If I share my opinion then I do not carry any of the goods without packaging. Well, it is not only good for carrying purposes, it also gives an attractive look to the product. In the market, you will find a lot of companies that sell different types of packaging boxes. 

The choice will be yours to select the box, like why you want that and for what purpose. If you are getting confuse about which boxes are good for you, don’t worry I will clear you everything. Have look below: 

  1. Carton Boxes 

Nowadays everything has come with packaging and you must have seen that most of it are made from carton boxes. Whenever you order something online. It is delivere to your home with box packaging and that is all carton boxes. The best thing is in the carton box that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. You can use it in the decoration of your home by opting for some DIY tips. Just like I did, I don’t waste my box. I wrapped the golden paper on it, putting on some decorative items. Now I’m using it as a small table.

  1. Egg packing boxes

These boxes are generally use to keep it safe from eggs breaking. As you know, if there is a single crack on the eggs then it will waste for the seller. So, that’s why they use boxes so that there is no problem in transportation and the eggs are store properly. You can also make a beautiful wall hanging with this egg box tray to decorate your home. I still remember today when my father used to bring this egg box to the house and all the eggs were finish, I used to create a beautiful wall hanging with my creative mind.

  1. Paper Board Box or Carton 

This box is make of a thick paper layer on which any color or image is easily printe on it. Most of these boxes are use in electronics, beauty, and kids’ toy packaging. It doesn’t get wet easily. It has come with a water-resistant property. They are also biodegradable if there is no use of a metalized ink. These boxes are very colorful in appearance. You can make a pen stand that will look very elegant without spending any money. So, think before throwing it with business.

  1. Aseptic Carton Box

This type of box is a multi-layer which is use to store liquid items like juice, milk, soup, baby food, etc. In the aseptic box, the liquid item gets preserve safely by saving its nutrition. Because of its layer whatever is inside the box remains fresh. Its packaging is also good,  and very well attached with adhesives. 

  1. Corrugated boxes

The corrugate box is very light but it is make of 3 layers of different sheets. The middle sheet is of rippled shape and the other 2 outside sheets are flatliners. These types of boxes are use for packaging food, beverages, pizza, chemicals, medicine, glassware, and ceramic. 

  1. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are generally use for packing luxury and expensive items. It is 4 times thicker than other common boxes. It protects the goods very well.  You must have seen that if you take any expensive accessories, then this box is use which is thick and sturdy. 

  1. Display Boxes

These boxes are make for shop shelves. There are so many shops that keep products on their counter or shelves, then this box is perfect for them. By keeping the products in the display, the customer’s interest is draw to the shop. 

  1. Custom type boxes

Packaging with custom boxes can enhance your sale. You can easily customize packaging according to your product size. Sometimes are available in the market which is not in the size of your products or they are big. So, we only have to take big boxes. But this is not the case with custom, you can make them according to your size, color, and choice and you don’t have to spend extra money.

Final Words:

At last, I would like to say that all the boxes are good according to their use. But as a responsible citizen, we do not just see our own benefits. We have to think about our environment first. We should use those boxes which are biodegradable. I know there are also plastic boxes available in the market and some products which are only packe with plastic packaging. 

But we should keep in mind that plastic can cause many hazardous situations in our environment. Plastic is known for creating pollution which is generate in the air. So, it is widely advise to use plastic as little as possible as it will take millions of years to decompose. 

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