How to Make Virtual Events More Engaging

Audience engagement is a crucial aspect of any event. Whether you are hosting in-person events or virtual events, engagement is the major criterion to measure the success of the event.

As time has changed so do the ways of hosting events. With the unforeseen advent of the global pandemic, virtual events became immensely popular. As restrictions have been imposed on travel and people are pushed to maintain distance, virtual events became phenomenally popular. The percentage of virtual events have spiked up recently in the past few months. The benefits offered by virtual events are far beyond the reach of in-person events. Various roadblocks faced during in-person events such as geographical constraint, space limitations, traveling costs, etc. Gets completely escalated with virtual events. Today, the internet is flooded with ample virtual event platforms that offer virtual events engagement features. Leveraging the right technology depends on your business needs.

Why is it necessary to enhance virtual event engagements?

Engaging attendees with virtual events looks like a daunting task at first. Attending a virtual event is not as stimulating as attending an in-person event. During live physical events, attendees are surrounded by other attendees, thus making engagement a lot simpler. There are chances of networking and coming in touch with old acquaintances. Whereas with virtual events attendees access the event via screen and are not surrounded by other attendees. However, looking at the screen for long hours is nearly impossible. Thus resulting in falling attendees amid sessions. Boosting virtual event engagement is a must to keep attendees hooked for the entire event. Marketers are brainstorming and coming up with virtual event engagement ideas. To keep the attendees engaged and entertained with the event.

Recent research suggests that more than 50% of virtual attendees are engaged with Q&A sessions, live polls, and online activities. Whereas more than 37% of attendees converse at virtual booths when compared to in-person events. In this post, we have listed some virtual event engagement ideas or ways to improve virtual event engagements. Time to get started!

Tips to improve virtual event engagement

1. Create engaging and exciting content

When compared to in-person events virtual events have a shorter attendee engagement time. Utilizing PowerPoint slides to impart information and engage attendees won’t be of much help with virtual event format. It will result in making attendees bored and leave the event as soon as possible. Converting PowerPoint slides into infographics and showcasing video and audios help in making your presentation exciting and engaging. To enhance virtual event engagement keep it mind splitting up your content into small parts. It enables attendees to take down important notes, ask questions in between, and participate in polls, surveys, Q&A, etc.

2. Hire a passionate speaker

If attendees get bored with your virtual event they will simply turn off their devices and move on. However, it becomes even more important to designate an enthusiastic, passionate, and exciting speaker to keep attendees engaged. Hire a passionate speaker who has knowledge about the subject and have expertise in the same arena of the event. The personality of the speaker and the tone of the event must go hand in hand to boost virtual event engagements. An engaging, exciting, and informative talk helps in grabbing audience engagement and keeps them engaged throughout. Using a passionate speaker is one of the brilliant. Virtual event engagement ideas to hold the audience for the entire event.

3. Leverage the right technology that offers engaging features

To make your virtual events more engaging and exciting leveraging the right technology is a must. Select a comprehensive virtual event platform that offers engaging tools and features. Introduce Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys, and so on amid sessions to allow attendees to share their valuable opinions. It not only helps in boosting virtual event engagement but helps in gaining audience feedback as well. The platform that offers live chat capabilities enables attendees to interact with speakers, hosts, exhibitors as well as other attendees in real-time. Live audio, video, and text chats enable attendees to have free-flowing conversations that help in enhancing better engagements. The chat rooms, 1:1 interactions, group interactions help in breaking barriers thus keeping attendees engaged.

4. Utilize gamification techniques

Gamification means introducing a fun element to your virtual events. It is one of the most effective virtual event engagement ideas that keep the interest and excitement of attendees alive. Introduce games such as spin the wheels or organize a contest or quiz revolving around your event amid virtual sessions. It helps in keeping attendees engaged with the event throughout. Offer virtual giveaways such as discount coupons and prizes to the top 5 winners of the game. It helps in boosting attendee morale and engagement. Apart from it, it even helps in opening new networking opportunities. One can even organize photo ops while hosting a virtual event to make virtual events more engaging. It is a brilliant virtual event engagement idea where virtual attendees get clicked with branded frames and download it. They can even opt to share it directly with their friends and family on social media channels. However, it results in getting better brand visibility and engaging attendees with the virtual event in the most fun way.

5. Promote your virtual event before and after the event 

To enhance engagement and ensure maximum attendance at your virtual event utilize social media channels. Promote your event on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to reach ample attendees. Create a buzz about your upcoming virtual event by promoting it on websites and social channels. Talk about the value it will deliver to ensure maximum attendance at the virtual event. Make your attendees prepared for a virtual experience. Once the virtual event gets over do not forget to follow up with your attendees for feedback. It helps in boosting engagement and converting your most qualified leads.

6. Utilize the power of hashtags

Hashtags are the most effective way to boost virtual event engagement. Create an attractive, unique, memorable, simple, and eye-catchy event hashtag. Utilise it whenever you post something about your event to reach a large number of attendees. It helps in creating a buzz about your event on social channels. Apart from it, encourage interested audiences to share your event hashtag whenever they post something about the event. It not only helps in magnifying reach but also helps in marketing your virtual event and makes it engaging.

Engagement is a crucial aspect of any event. Simple virtual event engagement ideas help in boosting your engagements and increase your ROI. I hope this article will help you to make your virtual events more engaging.

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