How to Draw A Flying Eagle Easily

Instructions on How to Draw A Flying Eagle Easily. There are few majestic birds or animals like the eagle. These critters are often associated with sovereignty and patriotism, and many individuals love to admire these apex predators.

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While they are always majestic, they are especially so in flight. Because of this, this is a familiar pose when people create eagle artwork. Learning to draw an eagle in flight will also allow you to create your works of art with this amazing sight. If you want to know how to do it, this tutorial is for you!

How to Draw A Flying Eagle

Step 1

To begin this tutorial on how to draw a flying eagle, let’s start with the bird’s head and first wing. The director will look separate from the rest of the body. Use some curved lines for the top and bottom.

Next, use sharp lines for the base on the left that connect to the body. Next, use smaller curved lines for the sharp beak and serious-looking eyes. Finally, we draw the wing on the right side. This looks relatively flat and thin and also has multiple spring sections.

Step 2

We’ll start drawing more body parts for the second step of your drawing of the eagle in flight. Remove the body’s base extending below the head using a slightly jagged line.

This uneven line makes that part of the body look beautiful and feathery. After drawing, we add the first leg. This leg has a small feathered base to which a curled claw is attached. That’s all for this step, and then we can move on to step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

Different sections of the eagle in flight appear to be divided into other areas, which is certainly true of the wings. We will draw the first of these sections for the second wing during this third step of our how to draw an eagle in flight guide. Use smooth, curved lines extending from the eagle’s back to the top of the wing.

Next, we outline some sharp shapes with more curved lines that bend sharply for the underside of this section of the wing. Again, we’re going to pull these shapes to make it look like there are large feathers underneath. That’s all there is to this step. So if you’re happy with the look, it’s time for step 4.

Step 4

In this fourth part of your eagle in-flight drawing, you’ll finish the wing you just started while we add the final sections. To do this, we’ll draw more of the sharper shapes you used for the feathers in the previous quarter.

However, these will be larger and more curved. The reference image will help you with the sizing and placement of these springs. After drawing, you have completed all the features and structure of the wings, and in the next step, we can take care of the final details.

Step 5

You’re almost ready to color this picture, but we must add a few final details in this step of our how-to-draw a flying eagle guide. First, we draw another bent leg next to the previous one. Next, we pull the tail.

Draw A Flying Eagle

Like the wings, the bottom is marked with a few sharper lines to create a feathery look. Once you’re done with these details, you can move on to the final step! Before doing this, make sure to add some background details or any additions you want.

Step 6

This is the last step of this flying eagle design, and now you can finish it nicely with some colors. Our reference image used more subtle, realistic colors for the eagle. This means we used different shades of brown for most wings and bodies.

Flying Eagle Drawing

We used white and light gray tones for the head area to give it a nice textured look. Finally, we used yellow for the beak.

You could use these colors, but feel free to use whatever colors and shades you like! Once you’ve decided on the colors, you can also have fun with what art means to use to make them.

Your Flying Eagle Drawing is Finished!

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