How to Deal with Stress at Work? 10 Effective Tips!

The hands begin to tremble, more drops of sweat appear on the forehead, and no words can escape from the throat. Here comes stress, which is especially common at work. We have to deal with him every day, but often we are not able to find a way to leave us alone finally. Are there any effective methods to deal with stress? And are there any universal relaxation methods or techniques that can eliminate or at least significantly reduce stress? Let’s check how to deal with stress at work!

How to Deal with Stress work in The Workplace? Where Does It Come From?

Stress is defined in a variety of ways. This is mainly due to the field of science that deals with it. The universal explanation for this phenomenon is probably that of stress as the body’s response to emergencies. As a result, all systems of the human body are activated, and therefore both psychological and physiological reactions occur. Hence?

Stress at Work
Psychological reactionsPhysiological reactions
Excessive fear/sadnessAcceleration of heart rate and breathing
Depressive statesAcceleration of metabolic processes
Anger / irritationIncreasing muscle tone
Decreased self-esteemExcessive agitation
No motivation to actReduction of pain sensitivity

This kind of reaction of the organism accompanies us at work very often, especially not exposed to a person younger, less experienced or just accepted to position, which does not fully know what to expect. Stress in the workplace also affects people who cannot cope with their responsibilities. Then negative thinking appears, which only increases the adverse reactions of the body. What’s more, the causes of stress at work also include:

  • too much or too little work we have to do,
  • lack of specification or clarification of obligations by the employer,
  • conflicts with the employer or colleagues,
  • lack of support from the employer or colleagues,
  • unhealthy competition with other employees,
  • poor working conditions.
  • Interestingly, stress can be positive. 

When it does not over-attack us, it gives us greater motivation, physical strength and endurance, and enables us to achieve our goals more effectively. Even when it comes to more challenging goals. Therefore, controlling it is necessary to function properly every day. Over-indulging in stressful situations can have severe consequences.

Stress at Work Can Be Dangerous!

Long-term stress, which will accompany us in different intensity every day, may turn out to be very dangerous for our health. First of all, it can lead to mental problems, i.e. constant irritation, recurring anxiety, neurosis, and even depression. It can be accompanied by sleep disorders, concentration problems, and adverse physiological reactions. As a consequence, stress can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, digestive system disorders, issues of sexuality and even strokes.

Therefore, each of us, especially people who are hypersensitive and more exposed to the effects of negative stress, should try different methods of dealing with stress at work. And there are at least a few of them. Check which ones will be helpful in your life!

How to Deal with Stress at Work? Top 10 Ways!

  1. Physical Activity – A Way to Deal with Stress

It is so often said today: ” sport is good for health ” that for many of us it has become an empty, meaningless slogan. Meanwhile, this statement is correct and should not be ignored – also in the context of coping with stress. It turns out that physical activity, on the one hand, reduces the level of cortisol in the body, which is also called the ” stress hormone “, and on the other hand, increases the amount of endorphin produced, i.e. the happiness hormone. It is worth adding that activity will significantly reduce the risk of various types of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, which could be a natural consequence of constant stress.

What is enough to achieve the desired effect? Even 20-30 minutes of walking every day – in the fresh air and in a quiet place that will allow you to relax. You don’t have to play sports professionally to reduce stress!

  1. Proper Diet

As it turns out, what we eat can also significantly affect our well-being and stress levels. A proper diet not only contributes to the appropriate functioning of all our systems but also contains ingredients that will allow you better to control stress – even in the most challenging situations.

What is it worth eating? First of all, green tea, which soothes and relaxes, as well as fruits and vegetables that should be treated as snacks (much better than sweets!). Also, remember to eat a nutritious breakfast and drink plenty of water.

What to give up? Mostly from excess caffeine, which increases stress levels. And, of course, alcohol, which “drunk on sorrows” does not help at all, and may lead to even greater stress in the future.

  1. How to Deal with Stress? The Right Dose of Sleep and Relaxation

Both sleep and relaxation have a positive effect on the body and help reduce stress. Therefore, remember to go to bed and wake up at the right times to sleep at least 6 hours. After work, rest – in a comfortable armchair, with a book in your hand and your favorite company. How to Deal with Stress at Work and if necessary, use relaxation techniques such as meditation.

  1. Engaging Hobby

Hobbies are an absolute basis in everyone’s life. Thanks to it, you can forget about everyday problems, relax and rest. At the same time, you feel a sense of fulfilment, and you know that the free time spent does not turn out to be lost for you. Therefore, look for your favourite activity and don’t be afraid to do it, regardless of whether we’re talking about watching movies, running, playing the guitar or playing video games.

  1. Fighting Procrastination

By postponing everything, you can not only build up too many responsibilities that you cannot handle, but it can also make you feel guilty. This, in turn, will make you feel worse, and you will become less resistant to stress. Therefore, remember one of the essential rules in the life of every employee – “what you have to do today, do it in a moment”.

  1. Talking Openly About Problems and Feelings

One of the most effective methods of dealing with stress is opening up to others and letting go of grief, fear and other destructive emotions. A loved one will help you, comfort you and give you the security you need so much. Don’t be afraid of rejection and don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses!

  1. Proper Organization of Work

Remember to organize your tasks and complete them in small steps. Don’t take work home, start several things at once, and reward yourself for completing a task. Thanks to this, you will always be in control of your projects, and you will not be stressed that you cannot handle them.

  1. Analysis of The Situation

Remember to analyze each stressful situation properly. Do not get carried away by negative emotions, carefully investigate the threats, the consequences of your actions and face the problem. We very often dramatize and exaggerate our problems when they are trivial and not worth our nerves.

  1. Competition with Oneself and Not with Others

The urge to continually measure yourself with others produces enormous amounts of stress. Therefore, if you need to compete, compete with yourself. Payday Loans Dallas TX, set the bar higher and higher and thus achieve better results. Of course, without exaggeration, remembering not to put too much pressure on yourself!

  1. Positive Thinking

It is known – it is difficult, but look for stimuli that will make you smile on your face. It will make it easier for you to face difficult situations. And remember – there are no such problems that cannot be solved!


If you want to eliminate harmful stress in the workplace entirely, you need to work on yourself and develop the methods you use every day. 

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