Health Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee is one of the most famous health drinks in the fitness industry. You might have read about its health-promoting compounds. The green coffee bean is actually the unroasted version of the regular coffee beans and is completely raw. Green coffee extract is popular as a dietary supplement. Also, the chemical profile and taste of the green coffee is completely different from the regular coffee as it has a mild flavor. You can say that it is the herbal version of coffee. It is know to provide a rich supply of chlorogenic acid compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that can provide various health benefits. In this article, we will share some of the health benefits of bean extract. 

Possible Benefits Of Green Coffee Extract

  • There are many benefits of green coffee extract in obesity management. It has been proving that it can reduce the absorption of dietary fat, thereby leading to weight reduction. In addition, it may help in controlling insulin levels and reduce glucose absorption after meals.
  • Other benefits associated with drinking green coffee may also include improved brain function, decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, decreased risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, and enhanced immune system capabilities. While these benefits of the extract are yet to be validate in clinical trials, these aforementioned benefits are supporte by several medical research reports.
  • Green coffee extracts have also been proven effective in reducing the growt of breast cancer cells in laboratory rats. It exhibited maximum effect during the first three months and reached a maximum effect at month four. A recent clinical trial also indicated that coffee extracts can inhibit the formation of new blood vessels during diabetes. This is attribute to the high antioxidant concentration of green coffee extracts.
  • Besides its weight loss properties, the coffee extract has other tea-based antioxidant health benefits. It has the ability to eliminate free radicals from the body. Free radicals are molecules that have incomplete electron shells. These molecules gain additional electrons with the repeated breakdown of cellular structures such as DNA, proteins, and lipids. Antioxidants then react with these molecules to prevent cell death and stop the generation of new cells.
  • Green coffee and its extract are available online and in several retail stores. Some products include extract, caffeinated extract, and green tea extract. The latter two contain caffeine which has stimulant effects and may be used for the treatment of ADHD. Other products such as garcinia cambogia can be taken to increase antioxidant content in the body. Antioxidants rich supplements have been proven to have anti-cancer properties.

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