Difference between Genuine and Faux Leather Jackets

When it comes to leather jackets, it is not only a purchase – it’s a lifetime investment that you make. Genuine Leather jackets have been evolving since the past decades. Back then, people used to hunt down animals and use their raw skin as royal attires. Since then, the evolution has been taking place, and today we are in a world where the leather has become the ultimate source of defining masculinity and manhood. Leather highlights the factors of being expensive and luxurious in its own kind. Leather gives you the desired attractive and elegant look that you deserve! Invest in the best and reliable apparel that you can ever get hold on to. As people back in the past, used leather in a raw form to have a royal look, you can today.

Get hold on to leather attires which are processed with the best and finest stitching, to carry an elegant look. When you are looking to buy a leather jacket, you must know what kind of leather you are investing in. Choosing the right leather for apparel is crucial because it decides the look and personality that you are about to carry. If you have been seeking for a good and durable leather jacket, then you must have come across genuine and faux leather jackets. Now, here X Gear 101, you must know what are the factors that differentiate these both kinds. Below are listed the major differences between genuine and faux leather which will make it easier for you to decide which one to go with, as per your requirement.

What is Faux Leather?

What Is Faux Leather Made Out Of? | Buffalo Jackson

Faux leather replicates real leather and is also known as synthetic leather. Faux leather is made of artificial materials which are later treated with wax and polyurethane to give a required color and texture. Faux leather imitates the look of real leather but is not as long-lasting as genuine leather.

The material of a faux leather does not have a long life and doesn’t even give the soothing look of genuine leather. Whereas, faux leather jackets are waterproof, because of the wax treatment. If you are looking for something cheap, then faux leather is the right choice to go with HD-UK.

What is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather, also known as real leather, is made of animal skins, such as goats, cows, sheep, buffalos or oxen. Genuine leather has natural pores and wrinkles, which gives a real classic look to the leather jackets you invest in — apparel made from genuine leather guarantee a lifetime usage with an elegant look to maintain.

Genuine leather is considered to be durable and is the best to invest in for a lifetime. Invest in the best and cherish the years to come with the perfect astounding apparel that would make people envy you.

Differentiate between Faux leather and Genuine leather jackets

When it comes to a critical analysis between genuine and faux leather jackets, you must carefully access the tricks to find out whether the jacket is genuine or not. The following given ways are considered to be successful in differentiating between genuine and faux leather:

Differentiate by the smell of leather

Faux leather:

As faux leather is not real leather and has been composed of a plastic base with a treatment of wax, dye, and polyurethane, the smell from jackets made of faux leather have a smell of plastic rather than pure leathers.

Genuine leather:

Genuine leather has a really strong smell which can not be imitated by any other product. You can instantly differentiate genuine leather just by smelling the product. So, act smart and make an investment that could stay beside you for a lifetime. Know the difference between faux and genuine leather by the smell.

Differentiate by the touch

Faux leather:

You can differentiate between genuine and faux leather by touching the fabric. Faux leather usually feels like plastic because of its composition from artificial materials and wax. If you feel the product by hand, you will feel the material of plastic, which will make it quite clear that what it is.

Genuine leather:

On the other hand, genuine leather can be felt by touching the material which would itself feel stretchable and flexible. As you touch and pull the fabric, it will change its color and would extract but later come back to its place and actual look. This is a clear sign of a product composed of genuine leather.

Differentiate by the Fire test

Faux leather:

An accurate way to find out whether the jacket is made of genuine or faux leather, you can conduct a fire test. Faux leather, as made of plastic material, will easily catch on fire and will get burnt.

Genuine leather:

Whereas leather is heat resistant. When a genuine leather jacket brought near heat, it can not get burnt. It may shrink a little due to heat but would certainly come back to its original shape soon. As genuine leather is made of animal’s skin, it has a natural heat resistant quality which qualifies it when a fire test is conducted.

Differentiate by weight and flexibility

Faux leather:

A faux leather jacket does not give flexibility to the product. When you fold a jacket made of faux leather, you will witness no elasticity or smoothness to the curves. Additionally, the weight of a faux leather jacket is a lot lighter than a genuine one.

Genuine leather:

Genuine leather jackets are made of real animals’ skin, which produces flexibility to the product. A genuine leather product, when folded, gives firmness on the curves and allows you to fold the apparel smoothly. Alongside, the weight of a genuine leather jacket ought to be heavier. Lambskin can be lighter than cowhide, but still, it wouldn’t be as lighter as a faux leather jacket.

Differentiate by droplets of water

Faux leather:

Faux leather is waterproof and doesn’t get harmed if it gets in contact with water. The faux leather material will pool water on its surface. The main reason why it is highly waterproof is because of its composition of plastic materials along with a treatment of wax and polyurethane.

Genuine leather:

Genuine leather can absorb water when it gets in contact with water. Water can damage real leather by fading its color, leaving it to stretch out and leaving water spots. Though genuine leather is an investment made for a lifetime, it certainly needs care.

Pros and cons of Faux and Genuine leather jackets

As faux and genuine leather jackets are both in demand today, it depends on what you require. If you want to invest in an attire that could be used along for a lifetime, then a genuine leather jacket is what you must go with. Whereas, if you want something smooth and fancy, in a package including a cheap cost, then the faux leather jacket is what you must get hold on to.

We have listed a few pros and cons which will make it quite easier for you to differentiate between the factors of a genuine and faux leather jacket.

Texture and pattern

Faux leather:

A faux leather jacket is glossier than a genuine leather jacket with no detailing in the material. The material has no natural pores and wrinkles like genuine leather but can be imitated to have a look by using wax and dyes.

Genuine leather:

Genuine leather jackets remain attractive and elegant for a lifetime. The jackets have natural pores and stretch marks, due to the genuine and real animal skin. The jacket has its look and can be effectively differentiated from a faux leather jacket.


Faux leather:

A faux leather jacket might cost less than a genuine one. You can find a variety of jackets made of faux leather, with a smooth surface and a low price.

Genuine leather:

A genuine leather jacket may cost you more, but it is best to go with if you are looking for something durable and economical.

Differentiating between a genuine and a faux leather jacket can be tough and time taking, but is certainly worth it because of its long-lasting life. Genuine leather is the best choice to make, economically and personally, because it is not just a purchase that you make, but is a lifetime investment. Wearing leather is a sign of royalty and elegance. Gear up in the best apparel that has been in fashion for decades choose various forms of leather jackets, let it be biker leather jackets or bomber leather jacket. Each jacket has its unique look which is ready to let you have compliments from people around you.

So, if you have been seeking ways to differentiate between faux and genuine leather jackets, then this is all that you needed. Make the right decision, because this is not something you will be buying every other month. This is something that would represent you among the people. Hold a strong personality along with the best of attires that you can get your hands on.

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