What You Should Know About Fuel Options While Hiring a Car?

You might be flying abroad on the holiday trip and decided to rent a car this time, as you don’t want to spoil your mood after running behind the taxis and metros while touring across the city. You must have already researched about the big and small vendors offering a wide range of vehicles to execute the diversified needs of vendors. After collecting all the necessary information about the firms operating in the city, now you are standing and negotiating at the airport car rental counter to book a suitable vehicle for you. In addition to showing you the suitable vehicle fuel options, these vendors also reveal their policies regarding accidental damages, upgrades you may avail along with fuel policies. Probably they are putting different options in front of you along with the benefits associated with them.

You have to focus on their points, as at the end you will have to pick anyone of them to get a suitable vehicle. No matter how impressive their style and how alluring their offers appearing to you, you have to be very careful while making a final decision. If you really want to enjoy a good ride without overspending, it’s necessary to understand their fuel and accidental coverage policies. Automobile insurance usually cover the expense of wear and tea, but when it comes to fuel, you might get easily mislead and end up making a bad choice. It’s better if you do some research in advance to review the fuel policies most of the vendors in the city are offering to clients.

Following is the brief description about fuel options, customers can avail while hire car at Doha airport. Nearly most of the car hires offers three fuel options to their clients.

Full Tank Return Policy

This is one of the simplest and sensible fuel option offered by vendors. They ask you to either return the vehicle with a full tank or with the same quantity of gas, which was present at the time when you picked it. Whatever option you chose, keep it in mind that you have to fulfill this condition while returning the auto. To avoid fines at the last moment, keep things organized; locate a gas station near to rental agency office or airport, in case you have picked up from the airport. Keep these things in your mind, especially if you have to catch a flight.

Prepay Fuel Policy

It might seem a fantastic option at first sight for those who are availing the service for the first time. Nearly all the car rental companies allure customers after revealing discounted fuels in the case of prepayment. Don’t fool yourself with the offer, especially, if you don’t have an intention to roaming around day and night on the streets. Probably, you are on a business trip and have limited time for exploring the neighborhood. Companies always charge for a full tank and they will never return the amount for unused gas. Think wisely and avoid accepting such offers. Don’t make a mistake to avail gas at discounted rates, as they refer fuel rates of gas stations located nearby the airport.

What Else You Should Know?

If you find yourself too short of time, which fears you that you will not be able to return the car with a full tank or with the same quantity of fuel at the time of pickup, then it’s better to pick the prepayment option. Vendors usually charge hefty amounts as fine for returning the vehicle with an empty tank. Obviously, no one wants to pay for the things they can’t consume.

Summary: These are few simple things about fuel policies offered by car rental firms all over the world. Being a customer, it’s your responsibility to research and pick the safest option.

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