Finding a biker fitter and dealing with aches and pains

Anyone can claim to offer expert road Road biker fitter services, but not all of them are really qualified to do it. You want to look for a bike fitter that is experience and has had some training too. This means it could be worth doing a little homework before you make your final choice, look online for options there, and look at other physical locations to see their qualifications, experience, and services they offer.

Look for more than a basic fit

The problem is in some cases, whether you head to a bike shop or look for an online bike fit. These give just a basic bike fitting. But if you compete either as a cyclist or as a triathlete. You need a bike fit that is more detailed than for those who ride more recreationally or enjoy bike tours. Even some bike shops that have invested in some fancy appearing measuring equipment might not be suitable to give a bike fit for competitive racers.

Not all aches and pains are to do with a bike fit

It is a fact that without a bike fit, even a basic one. The rider can experience a lot more discomfort. Strains, aches, and such. With a road bike fitting the bike is more comfortable to ride. And you are in a better position to achieve better times and technique. Here is a look at some issues you might experience even with a good bike fit.

  • Cycling too much – Even when a bike has had a good Road biker fitter if you are riding for a lot longer than you. Normally that will cause some sore joints, aches, and pains. Cycling does require a level of fitness and sometimes something like back pain. Can be relieved by strengthening your core muscles.
  • Pain at the front of the knee – If you cycle in too high a gear you can get pain at the front of the knee. Your knees will do better if you cycle in a lower gear at 80 rpm or more.  
  • Sore butt and blisters – A saddle that is too hard or too soft can cause an issue in that area. Soft seats are not the answer as while they might feel good to sit on initially after a while it can lead to chafing and blisters.  
  • Having your elbows locked with arms extended – This position when riding leads to sore shoulders and a sore neck. Remember to keep a slight bend in your arms so you better absorb the shocks and vibrations.
  • Sore feet – If you ride with the arch of your foot over the pedal it can cause foot pain. Especially if your shoes have a soft sole. Use the ball of the feet on the pedal. Use toe clips if you need to.   
  • Burning under the feet – Even with the ball of the foot on the pedal. There can still be burning under the foot when you cycle over a long distance. You can loosen the shoes, get larger ones. And that can help because the problem is the flattening out of the feet. An online bike fit can help with the pedal position. But you need to learn how to distribute the load of your feet across the whole pedal surface.  
  • Numb hands – Another problem on long rides is numb hands so use padded gloves and move your hand position regularly to help.  

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