FamiSafe review: the best cell tracker for parents

Cell phones are part of the lifestyle of most people, including our children. Today they have their own gadgets, as a medium for communicating, accessing content on the Internet, playing games, and so on. But gadgets often harm them through “social media mechanisms.” Your kids may have their own social media accounts, post content regularly, and may attract the attention of sex predators out there.

Predators are usually very persistent in pursuing their targets. They are tireless until they get what they want. This situation is real and is evidence by the number of kidnapping acts of children in many countries including ours.

As parents we must be vigilant and do whatever it takes to minimize this risk. Luckily there is now a type of device that can track cell phones. Tracking the cell phone allows you to track the position of your children, assuming, of course, they always carry their cell phone in their pocket. The tool is a location tracker. You can find a wide variety of location trackers on the market but based on our experience, FamiSafe is the best.

You can keep your children safe by using the FamiSafe Parental Control App that works with Android and IOS devices. This application works on GPS principles so that the real-time location of your children can be know at once. FamiSafe is a good location tracker, you can use without any hassle.

With FamiSafe you can design a safe zone for your children. So supposing their position moves out of the zone, you can find out immediately and take action. When they leave the safe zone, your phone will receive a notification.

There are different things included in tracking the productivity of employees like it includes activity and leaking information and job searching. Employee productivity tracker So as like that by providing a complete list there is absolutely no ambiguity between employers and staff.

OK, now you can anticipate if they might be taken by someone to a strange or unusual place. That’s good but not enough to protect them completely as predatory danger often comes through online applications. In many cases, a predator does not just kidnap its victim. They usually establish intense communication with their victims. What if you managed to prevent the communication? It will be better, right? Again, FamiSafe can help you. 

It’s more than just a location tracker. It can also prevent cyberbullying, another danger that targets every child. With this application, you can identify malicious conversations (sexual solicitation and cyberbullying) and block the device that sends these conversations.

How about dangerous content? FamiSafe sends you a notification when your child accesses inappropriate content on their phone or tablet. You can also control the screen and control your children by blocking such content. Thanks to the activity reports feature of the application, you can track installed-deleted applications on the phone and tablet, how long they are used and what they do.

Other features:

– You can see which app and game used for how long. When it’s time to study and sleep, you can restrict the application or game you want.

– You can make arrangements based on location. For example, avoid using the device when moving to a place in hand. Give your child a task. When this task is complete, you can make the screen pop up.

– You can receive notifications when you encounter disturbing suspicious articles, social media, photos, videos to your child. 

How about the pricing?

You can add five devices if you use the app monthly, ten devices if you buy a quarterly package, or thirty devices if you buy annually.

Monthly Plan: $9.99/month

Quarterly Plan: $19.99/3 months

Annual Plan: $59.99/year

Since it is the application used worldwide, the personal information of the child and the parent is securely stored using the RSA encryption method.

The application must be installed on both your phone and your child’s phone in order to track location. If it’s properly done, you would be able to monitor your child’s real time location.

Use the kid option on your child’s device to make the necessary settings. Using the same membership, login on your own device with the parent option. After logging in as a parent on your device, press the features tab at the bottom of the screen. In this section, you will see location tracking and detecting options after device and application controls.

You need to use real time location option to track real time location. You can view your child’s location and how much charge they have left. To see where your child has been before, you should use the location history option from the same menu. So you can see what time and where your child is.


Just download FamiSafe using these links:

Google Play

App Store



The FamiSafe parental control app is one of the best options you can take to track your children. And more than just a tracker, it can protect them in cyberspace.

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