ELA Sheet Pan Racks, US-made, US quality ASPRF-20


Make your kitchen more efficient and ergonomically designed with ELA Sheet Pan Racks. ELA makes a variety of sheet pan rack designs including front load, side load, double load, etc. We also can customize racks to your specific needs. We design and manufacture in California, USA. This product is capable of holding 20 full sizes or 40 half-size pans, so you can store all your prepared cookies, scones, doughnuts, and other foods. Our racks provide ample storage space. The slides on the rack are spaced 3″ apart as a standard size, giving your foods plenty of room so air can properly circulate. We also produce racks with more or fewer slides, accommodating more or fewer sheet pans, and a variety of pan sizes, based on your needs.

Frame and design

ELA Enterprises ships fully assembled & welded racks.  Our durable Aluminum dolly Construction OR Stainless Steel cart designs have a long life. Since we only use aluminum or stainless steel, this means rust free. Our clean designs protect against food trappings and rust. We even offer double weld upgrades on some of our racks for additional strength and durability. Our commercial designed racks will withstand the hard use of busy kitchens. We also offer a heavy-duty base plate for additional strength and stability. Check out our Sheet Pan Racks and contact us if you need a custom solution. 


You can get your food anywhere easily, with our heavy-duty casters. Our Elite Series Sheet Pan Racks can wheel through many different environments thanks to the 5″ all-swivel plated casters. We utilize non-marking polyurethane wheels that also keep the floors clean, from the kitchen to the cafeteria to the lobby or your loading dock.

Many kitchens have wet floors and/or daily washdowns. ELA offers Stainless Steel casters to reduce rust. We also offer 5×2” casters on some of our popular models, which in turn results in more stability and strength. This is a very common issue with racks and causes unnecessary downtime. If designed and built correctly with stainless steel casters, you can reduce the frequency of how long they are offline or require repair. ELA has efficiency in mind; with labor costs so high, spending a little extra on the right track initially will add many years to the life of the sheet pan racks over the years. 

Many Applications

These racks are great for restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, food commissaries, food production, and healthcare foodservice. With our heavy-duty wheels/casters, this means it is easy to roll in and out of coolers and is ideal for preparing food in advance, storing in the refrigerator, moving in/out of coolers, and delivering to multiple locations.


ELA is your one-stop-shop for all the foodservice/food equipment needs. We know once you try our products, you will not want to try others. We build our solutions with the customer in mind. Our products offer excellent value for the price. Since we offer custom solutions, you know you have the peace of mind that if you need modifications to any design done, we do our best to accommodate our customers. We have custom designed our solutions for some of the largest hotels in the world. We also design for foodservice and food production where reliability and downtime are key. ELA Enterprises is here to serve you for all your Sheet Pan Racks and other types of racks. 

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