Can You Make A Back Injury Claim?

Medical healthcare providers have some of the toughest jobs in the world. Working tirelessly to give you the right kind of healthcare services, their jobs always keep them at their toes. However, like any other job, there is always space for human error, and in healthcare services, this could be a bigger problem than anywhere else. Due to the cruciality of the human life involved in this scenario. It is of utmost importance to understand that if you’ve been the victim of medical negligence, then you are eligible for a medical negligence claim. How you decide to pursue that claim is what we’ll be explaining in the following passages.

Are You Eligible?

You can only make a back injury claim if a healthcare provider was medically negligent, which lead you to be affected. You need to get your injury checked by another certified individual so that you can claim with proof that it is a result of someone’s recklessness that lead you to be injured. This part of a medical negligence claim is very important. To be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your medical negligence claim is legit, and that one or more parties are involved is a tough job. Thankfully, with the help of advancement in the field of healthcare, it is mostly sufficient to deduce how you ended up with an injury, and this could support your claim of facing medical negligence.

Medical negligence claims have a government-set time limit of 3 years maximum. This means that if you come across an issue today which you believe has been set forward by medical negligence, you have exactly 3 years to seek claims for compensation.

An unseemingly situation but for example, if you face a persisting problem in the workplace where negligence has pushed for an existing back injury over the period of time to make it much more severe, then you can make a back injury claim compensation.

Common Back Injury Causes

The most common back injury causes are one of three reasons:

  • Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of back injuries
  • Lifting of heavy objects is often a cause of a back injury because of a wrong angle or an object to heavy to be lifted.
  • Slips and falls often leads to back injuries as well since the vertebrae endures the greatest shock


There are scenarios where people often come across misconceptions when pursuing a legal matter or one that includes a compensation claim, such as back injury compensation. This happens too often because people are unaware of the legal system and its rules. It’s always a benefit for the claimant when they approach a back injury claims lawyer. Lawyers are always more experienced and much more knowledgable about laws, especially when it comes to back injury claims. For instance, a common misconception among people is that if someone encounters a back injury, and they’re partially respnosible for it themselves, then they’re not allowed to make a compensation claim. This is absolutely not the case. Even if the individual is the victim of a shared negligence issue, they can still ask for compensation and claim medical negligence. This may sound absurd but this is why lawyers are more experienced at this and should be hired or consulted before pursuing any claims like this forward.

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