Breast Cancer Fitness Class


Fitness is important to all stages of life. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every stage or situation is going to deserve the same approach. There are millions of ways in which you can be fit, improve strength, and build a higher quality of life, but you need the one that best suits you. No one likes to show up for a  Breast Cancer fitness class or training session and feel as if your individuals needs aren’t being met. Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

This is why at, Stepping Stones Health & Well-being, I’ve created specialty fitness classes that are tailored to individual’s needs.  Specifically, individual needs that surround specific medical conditions that would otherwise not be considered in a traditional fitness setting! 

One of those medical conditions is breast cancer. Something that  many women have been affected by. Not only is the condition  hard on you, but so is the recovery. This can tax you mentally and  physically, but with a tailored approach to fitness you can see a  tremendous benefit. 

What to Expect 

So, what can you expect in the Breast Cancer Exercise Class? This  class is designed to bring you an awesome group setting that will  include other like-minded ladies who understand where you’re  coming from. This makes things very relaxed and friendly, and we  know that other classes may feel intimidating! 

In this class you’ll be focusing on improving your strength,  fitness, and energy levels. We work specifically on gentle 

movements that have very little if any impact. This helps with  your ability to do the routine without discomfort that may distract  from the experience or cause injury. 

You can expect to be hitting the legs primarily, but also the core  and upper body as well. This is all done in strides with the pace  that best fits your desired speed. 

In addition, you never have to worry about any age requirements or hindrances around your own abilities. We adapt all things we do to fit what you specifically need. So, while you’re doing the class with others, you each may have something specific to your needs to perform. This approach is going to allow you to progress at the rate YOU need, not others. 


Now, what can you expect to see as a benefit? Well, for starters you have to consider the mental health benefits that you’ll notice.  Exercise is proven to cause improvements to mood, mental clarity,  and overall well-being. This goes hand in hand with the recovery process for breast cancer. The condition and recovery can be taxing, and this is almost an escape or release that will leave you feeling mentally clear. 

In addition to the mental benefit, you’ll also notice one physically.  Each person’s situation is unique, and breast cancer can affect some more than others. Regardless, there may be levels of muscle loss, strength loss, and joint stiffness. This class is designed to help you improve all of that across the board. You’ll also be glad to see that this class will boost your energy levels. The more your body heals and becomes efficient, it will show increased energy throughout your days.

How to Access 

 At Stepping Stones Health & Well-Being we offer a few options  for class attendance! 

Classes are easy to access and can be done in person or even via  Zoom for a remote option! 

Class time will be expanding, so please contact us with any suggestions! 

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