Best Ceiling Fans For 7-Foot Ceilings

If low roof stature or if you are searching for the best ceiling fan for 7-foot ceilings then you are in the perfect spot. 

On the off chance that your roof stature is 7 feet or lower, you need to go for a flush mount roof fan. A common roof fan doesn’t work in a low roof room as it for the most part is mounted with a download. Ordinary roof fan estimates 1.5 feet to 3 feet in the range from its lower base to roof. 

That is the reason ceiling fans for 7-foot roofs require flush-mounted roof fans. A flush mount roof fan doesn’t contain a download for the mount. These roof fans are otherwise called a low profile or hugger roof fans

Audit of roof fans for 7-foot roofs 

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Ceiling Fan 

This Harbor Breeze 44-inch Mazon roof fan is a smooth and limited fan for a little and medium room with ceiling fans for 7-foot ceilings or low roofs. Its cutting-edge style is smart and progressed-looking. 

It has a silver consummation that blends well in with your home’s elaborate design. Its reversible three bleeding edges pass on the best air improvement to keep you cool. It moreover keeps you warm and cheerful all through the colder time of year time span. 

It goes with a controller for your advantage and a LED bulb for straightforward lighting up to give you complete comfort. The fan has a 4,545 CFM wind current cutoff for a satisfactory air course. 

This Mazon ceiling fan for 7-foot ceilings has an inconceivable motor that passes on quiet action. The AC motor outfits warmth when it is cold with its contrary action while giving convincing cooling when it is hot a clockwise way.

2. Tracker 51061 42-inch Flush Mount Low Profile Ceiling Fan 

On the off chance that you are searching for a flush mount ceiling fan for 7-foot roofs without light then, tracker 51061 is the ideal pick for you. 

This conventional low profile roof fan with Pull Chain control is arranged with housing remarkably made to fit flush to the rooftop making it ideal for use in your little rooms with low rooftops under 7 or 8 feet. 

The tracker 51061 flush mount roof fan features a -degree sharp edge pitch improved to ensure amazing air advancement and high execution. 

This reversible ceiling fan with 7- feet ceilings goes with an opposite charge to turn fan sharp edges. That keeps the rooms in your home tendency cool during summers and warm during winters. 

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It is ideal for use in rooms with low rooftops, between roof statues of 7 feet and 8 feet. It doesn’t go with a light unit any way you can fit another which is sold independently. 

The fan incorporates the standard WhisperWind motor advancement for calm execution and convincing cooling. With five reversible endured evidence cutting edges. You can get unparalleled comfort. The ceiling fan with 7-feet ceilings gives you moderating lessons in both rankling and crisp environments.

3.Hampton Bay 52 Inch Hugger Ceiling Fans for 7 Foot Ceilings

The Hampton Bay 52-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan with 7-feet ceilings presents as a flush-mount for rooms. Where rooftop height is between 7 feet to 8 feet. 

Its five reversible sharp edges have a maple finish on one side and walnut on the other, allowing you to pick a light or dull concealing to organize your style. 

This Hampton cove roof fan has 3 rates with a wind current of 4670 CFM, this fan is ideal for most inside rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. 

The fan engine has a multi-capacitor for calm execution and the best air advancement. It has an iced opal school building light mechanical assembly for lighting up. It doesn’t go with a bulb yet utilizes a medium-base bulb. 

The ceiling fan with 7-feet ceilings has a brushed nickel finish to enhance your room’s elaborate subject appropriately. Investigate any of the rates out of the three tones to make you feel comfortable.

4. Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Ceiling Fan 

This Alloy ceiling fan with 7-feet ceilings features a smooth firearm metal completion and planning edges that give an expressive format with a striking plan. It adds comfort and solace to any space. 

It has a low-profile light unit with opal glowing glass features energy-viable LED lights for suffering, awe-inspiring illumination. 

Dim and graphite finish reversible ceiling fan with 7-feet ceilings sharp edges supplement the gunmetal fan flawlessly. Each making unique desiresmamamastermindst is fitted with a silicon steel motor that has a twofold capacitor to pass on a convincing course. It has a wind current of 4,083 CFM, enough for a room of around 100 square feet.


The position of a safety flush mount roof fan is ideal for low-stature roofs that range between 7 feet to 8 feet. On the off chance that your room has a ceiling fan with 7-foot roofs tallness. Then you should go for a roof fan that acts less range through and through the roof fan including base light. 

Expectation you discover this article supportive for picking the best roof fans for 7-foot roofs. We suggested Hunter 59243 and Hunter 51023 for the low roofs. This roof fan has a great wind stream for your space.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. If you don’t know anything about this. To know more about it you can dive into the link.

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