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Abaya: Beautiful Islamic Dress for Women

In Islamic culture, the abaya is considered one of the essential garments for women. It is graceful, beautiful, and has the original essence of maintaining the dignity of Islam. Abaya is generally a loose-fitted robe worn around the body to cover the whole body, except the face, hands, and feet. This Muslim clothing is require when women leave the house. You can find different patterns of traditional and modern abaya dress Online Store.

Origin of Abaya:

There is much discussion about the origins of this attire, yet it is difficult to find. It is believe, however, that this Islamic dress is over 4000 years old, and that it originat when Mesopotamia was an ancient civilization. Even when Islamic Community began in the 7th century, it has the mentioned existence of abaya. Many people also believed that women’s clothing only covered the hips; when Islam emerged, women were ask to wear covered clothing to gain more respect and honor. The abaya came into being due to this need. However, there is no trace that it’s true. It is now one of the most worn Islamic Abaya women dress and is often seen in South Asia. It is now found in different styles, and women no longer have to stick to black abaya and experiment with their looks.

Tips for choosing the perfect Abaya Dress based on your Body Type:

When shopping abaya dress online, it is impossible to try attire and then buy it; therefore, knowing your size to judge right is very important. Try to shop as per your body type.

  1. Pear Shaped body has slim arms and shoulders and heavy thighs, hips, or buttocks. Abaya dresses should have tight sleeves and flared bottoms. If you want to wear an abaya, you should opt for either an umbrella dress or an Anarkali dress.
  2. Apple-Shaped Body has a heavy top, broad shoulder, fuller bust, waist, and upper back; So, they should buy the loose-fitting abaya or basic abaya designs like a butterfly, front open, or flared Abayas.
  3. They should choose an abaya that is loose and has a wider bottom, as an hourglass shape has a broader bust, hips, and waist. It would be best to wear an abaya from Dubai.
  4. Rectangular Shaped Body is the most common one, and they have a balanced shape. They can choose any abaya dress. However, avoid flared design for a sleek look.

You should measure yourself rightly and know your body shape before you start jalabiya online shopping.

Guide to Pick Matching Hijab with Abaya:

Most Islamic women prefer wearing Hijab with Abaya to cover their heads properly. This looks like an enormous fashion mistake when the clothing items do not match. Therefore, it is essential to choose your hijab wisely while considering Abayas’ color. You can try neutral shades like latte, mocha, or light blue for a balanced look. And To create a neutral look, shades of pinks and reds would be ideal. In the event that you do not wish to be experimental, choose the black color. Abayas in solid colors should be matche with solid color hijabs and vice versa. You can even try prints if your abayas are in a basic color.

One-Stop solution for shopping Abaya online:

Online Store allows you to find different styles and designs of abaya shop online on the same platform, where you can buy as per size, fabric, style, design, colours, and occasion preference. We have abaya dresses for women of all ages and all body types. You can order authentic Islamic outfits from us no matter where you are in the world, and we will deliver them to your door in the shortest time possible. Shopping for an abaya will be easier and more convenient with this strategy. So give us a chance to offer the best abaya dresses to you.

Abaya dresses are the perfect choice for Muslim women who want to dress modestly. Abaya dresses cover your entire body with sleeves and a skirt, making it ideal for wearing in public. The abaya dress is designed to be worn over clothes; however, some people wear them as their only piece of clothing. These garments have been popularized by celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, but they can also be found at any Islamic Clothing store or online retailer that sells these types of items. The best abayas come from reputable brands that take pride in quality and craftsmanship so you know you’re getting the best product possible!

The abaya dress is a traditional Islamic clothing article of clothing. It’s worn by women in the Arab world and beyond, but it has become more popular among non-Muslim women as well. Whether you’re Muslim or not, wearing an abaya can be advantageous because they are modest yet stylish garments that don’t reveal too much skin like other types of clothes might. If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself (or someone else), there are plenty available online at different price points to suit your budget! Here are some examples of what you could find on Amazon right now.

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