Best 9 Future Trends in Android App Development You Can’t-Miss in 2021

The smartphone industry is booming like never before. People are investing thousands of bucks to buy a new smartphone. With this, mobile app development s also increasing. We have an app for mainly everything whether if you want to buy clothes, order some food, want to travel, and so much more. We have no end when it comes to mobile app development. Android mobile is widely used and most smartphone users prefer Android to any other OS. Android mobile application development company is booming their sales with new app features for its users. The technology is growing with the internet and so as the users. If you are looking forward to developing something new for the android app this is the best possible way as 2020 is about to come to an end and with the new year beginning, you can create and provide your users with something new. Let’s see some of the modern trend technology which you can put on your mobile app development for Android.

5G Technology

5G technology is much faster when compared to the 4G network. It allows the users to transfer data at a seamless speed of around 100Gpbs. You don’t have to wait anymore to load your video and download any files. Many app development companies are using the 5G technology to improve their service for android users. Users can have a better experience with your app if you make 5G available for your app.

Chatbot Feature

This is the best possible way you can stay connected with your users 24*7. Your customers can directly interact with you using the chatbot features. If they have any queries or facing any problems, they can directly contact you using this feature. You can answer your users much efficiently and quickly. Many app designers are using this feature to help their customers and provide them a better way of interacting. 

Mobile Wallet

This makes it easy for users to pay for anything they buy online. You don’t have to swipe your card or need to remember your card number. You can use your mobile wallet anywhere anytime without worrying about not carrying your card. Many app developers are allowing this feature on their app to make it convenient for users to pay using net banking. This will save the information of the user for further use. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Your app should be user-friendly and should respond as quickly as possible. AMP helps to improve the web page performance and boost loading time. This technology is not new but could be very effective because your users want a quick responsive page that doesn’t take years to load. This feature will help to improve your app development and give a better user experience.

Cloud Technology

This feature is increasing in most of the android app development. This helps to get all the information directly from the cloud. This helps to save the phone storage and can be used anywhere. Google Drive, Dropbox uses cloud technology to save the data and information of the users so they can be used later. 

Internet of Things (loT)

Since the development of the internet and mobile industry, loT is in demand. You can connect more than one device using the loT. Mostly every device these days uses the internet and share data. If you are into developing a new app loT could enhance your app development.  It can use used both for commercial and household purposes. You can connect the device and manage them remotely using one single device. 


If you are developing an app you need to strictly follow the security system and make it safe for your users. Security protocols will help your app from any ethical hacking or data leakage. Users are using their personal information in the app and to save any kind of data loss you need to make sure to encrypt all the data. 


With the internet and smartphone shopping online has become a trend. Everyone is using the power of the internet to do online shopping. The businesses are getting all the revenues from the online market. Developing an e-commerce app for mobile could and selling your products is in demand. People prefer not to go out during their weekend and do any shopping so online shopping is becoming a trend. 

Better UX/UI

If you want your app to be more user-friendly and want to provide your users with a better experience you need to focus on the app interface. How the app looks and works? Look at all the possibilities on how you can improve your app to make it better for your users. Your users are looking for a convenient app that is easy to access and navigable. Keep it simple and remember your audience. Android mobile application development companies are more focused on the app function and how they can improve it further for a better user experience.

If you are looking for new mobile app development, there are lots of tools and techniques you can use to shape your android app. The demand for android app development is increasing as more people are using a smartphone and have access to the internet. You need to keep it updated and keep improving for your users for a better experience. If you want to develop an app this is the right time, follow all the new trends and technology that will enhance your app development market and you can increase your app business. Digitalization is increasing as the demand for the smartphone has increased.

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