Avoid 5 Major Mistakes Students Doing in Dissertation Writing

The aim of the dissertation is not only a determined academic career but it also helps to accomplish your future goals. A dissertation writing itself is a complex task – it requires full concentration and correctness to prevent any major mistakes. Although, most of the students have done research papers and assignments throughout their academic career but still did not get the success that they deserved. They overlook some major tips and guidelines within a dissertation writing, as a result, to affect their marks and grades. Before writing a dissertation, so we need to consider some basic steps, proper drafting, and broad information on the topic.

5 major mistakes must avoid in Dissertation Writing

There are some major mistakes have been found while writing so that studentshould avoid for achieving a good grade at end of the semester. Some other are discussed below:

1.      Neglect the sequence of introduction

Introduction is the first paragraph of a dissertation and it covers more than five percent of the overall topic. The sequence of introduction and relevant information capture the attention of the audience throughout the topic. The common mistake of the students that do not decide what type of material should include related to the topic and how to convert the binary number. However, the introductory part comprises of these important parts:

  • Discuss historical background information about the topic but it should be relevant
  • Explain the objective of your study
  • Briefly describe the importantance of your study in the present scenario
  • In last, point out the aim and contribution of your study

2.      Lack of balance

The primary objective of the dissertation writing to find a balance between in each section to achieve all basic requirements in order to work accurately.  Whenever, Student starts work but they do not give a proper weight of each dissertation chapter, as a result all work has been disorganized in last of the topic. Before writing, student must follow some tips to maintain a balance during whole of the topic. Maintain a balance and proper organize structure will not affect the efficiency and also make a harmonious in dissertation chapter.

  • Collect all necessary information of every chapter
  • Make a draft and include key points of the dissertation
  • Give an appropriate weight to the introduction, literature review, methodology, and more

3.      Incorrect formatting

If you write very well but do not present in effective manner so all your effort will be wasted. More than half of the student make a common mistake that is incorrect formatting, font styles, and ignore the standard size of the topic. First, teacher will consider the presentation of the topic then read and analyze in last. Before submitting an assignment, make sure that the guidelines of formatting must strictly follow these requirements:

  • Same font style would be used throughout of the topic
  • Divide the overall topic in main heading and sub heading
  • Page size, margins, and spacing always matter
  • Must include tables, pictures, and statistics between the topic

4.      Avoid irrelevant and excessive information

A perfect dissertation depends on the all necessary as well as relevant information of the dissertation topic. Therefore, too much excessive knowledge distracts from the topic and move towards in other direction. Irrelevant information and extraneous material may destroy to the main purpose of the topic. These important points must consider in overall topic:

  • No need of excessive background information
  • Do not explain the procedure and any other unnecessary method
  • Topic should be clear, concise, and narrow
  • Always mention the statistic rather than quote for justifying your approach

5.      Inappropriate references

Dissertation always complete within a large number of references, articles, journals, books, electronic sources, and so on. The basic mistake of the student that is inappropriate references and citations while working on the topic. Because the references show that the previous author work and also support the existing literature related with the topic. It must strictly mention these points while referencing:

  • Name of the author
  • Year of the publication
  • Name of the journal or book
  • Title of the topic
  • Academic level of the writer

These are the commonly mistakes of the student while writing of the dissertation, and it directly effect on the grades and future success. Every student may take time and collect all necessary information related with the topic to write an error-free topic as well as make sure that they will not do a past mistakes at the time of writing. A well-written dissertation topic helps in accomplish goals and feel proud and appreciation for many years that come in your life.

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