How to Think of an Attractive Name for Your Mobile App?

Your name is your identity, people know you with it, and in case you become popular like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, your name will become a brand globally. Similarly, the name of your mobile app is its identity, and the user will remember your app with its name. Think of some famous apps such as Instagram, Evernote, Angry Birds or Facebook. How unique and straightforward names they are?

When you’re creating an app, you can’t think of any random name of the app that you like. The name you choose must align with the app purpose, core features, and the idea behind.  

But how to come up with an app name that is unique and piques audience interest in the app?

Here are some steps that will help you to think a unique name for your mobile app.

1.    Brainstorm Ideas

Know your app completely before you come up for a name. What does your app do? Who is the target audience? What are the best-selling features of your app? How it addresses the issues?

Ask these questions to yourself and know the ins and outs of your app. Take a notepad and a paper and journal the ideas that are coming to your mind. By the end of this process, you’ll get the direction to lead your mobile app name.

2.    Pick a Meaningful Name

Every successful app has a meaning behind. Consider the popular app ‘Instagram.’ It’s the culmination of ‘Instant’ + ‘Telegram.’ Similarly, ‘Facebook’ which depicts the concept of facing photos that their friends can read like an open book.

Think for the long-term strategy that if your app becomes successful, how will people relate to it. It should convey the idea of your app. However, it’s not necessary that it conveys the whole idea, but some of the resemblances are important to give people the meaning of your app.

3.    Name should be Short and Simple

A successful name is the one which stays on your audience mind forever. A complex and long name has higher chances to be left out in the plethora of apps. All successful and billion-dollar companies have one word for their apps such as Skype, Tinder or Snapchat.

Therefore, think of a name that is short, simple, and easy to remember. Have a couple of one-word names and relate it with your app functionalities. If you are struggling to think of the perfect word for your app, go beyond the meaning and try coming with the mixture of two words like ‘Snap + Chat,’ ‘Insta + Gram,’ or ‘Face + Book.’

4.    Use Keywords 

Keywords are the most prominent thing in the world of search engines today. If you want your app to be successful, you can’t afford to ignore it. In this context, search the relevant apps on the App Store and Play Store.

Track the audience searches on your app idea and see how the audience is relating to the issue you’re addressing through your app. Conduct market research and choose the keywords that will bring traffic to your app and bring it on the search engines. Tweak the keywords a bit and intricate in your app name successfully.

5.    Evoke Customer’s Emotion

Customers the center of marketing, you build your brand for them. That’s why every successful company work to resonate their brand with the consumers. Similarly, if your app names don’t counteract with the consumer, then they’ll find it a challenge to remember.

Think of McDonald’s. It sounds fun, unique, and easy. Take another example of Tinder, YouTube or Pinterest, they all relate with the audience mind and evoke an emotional response with the names.

Finding the Best Name for your App

Your mobile app is your everything and if it gets successful, it will be remembered with the name. So, when you’re thinking to launch your app, it’s necessary that you spend your time in finding the best name for your app. If you’re finding it trouble, take help from the mobile app development company Dubai to filter the bestselling names for your app.

Above all the steps, the tip to make your app name successful is to try and test your titles with your friends and get their feedback on it. If you’re getting applause on the name you choose, then it’s successfully worth it. If not, then it’s a good time to mold it according to the feedback.

I hope now you’re ready to think of an attractive name for your app, right? 

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