Application Areas of Lucky Draw Software in Singapore


Lucky draw competitions have become one of the effective ways for individuals. And companies to interact with customers and the general audience. Since they are based purely on luck and a random selection, each of the participants feels he/she is equally likely to win the competition. Likewise, an online event hosted in real-time with the help of a software application is fairer. And transparent compared to human selection. For companies, understanding the planning and execution of lucky draws as marketing event is very fruitful. Here, we have compiled a list of application areas where. We believe lucky draw events can be a highly worthy strategy.

Key Application Areas

  1. Internal company events

Companies can host lucky draw events inside their company where the employees remain as participants. Since engaging with the employees is very crucial in maintaining positive company-to-employee relations, such events can strengthen their bonds.

  • Customer engagement events

One of the most important things for a brand is to keep close communication with its customers. When there are several companies offering the same products and services, brand-customer relations can be a point of difference. A brand that takes care of its customers and engages them on a regular basis will be able to retain them for a long period of time.                                                

There are several methods with which a company can carry out lucky draw events. Some of them are listed below:

  •  A quiz competition where the participants will typically answer a question asked by the hosts. The question may be of a general type or it may provide information about a product or a service that the company offers. This is typically conducted through social media handles and participants may have to like the company’s page. And share it among their friends.
  •  An information-sharing competition where the participants will share a story or a video about any topic. Or topics related to the company’s products. For example, there might be a video competition stating the benefits of the company’s product. This is also conducted mainly in the social media space.
  • A lucky draw competition where the participants of an event conducted by the hosts will be eligible to win the stated prize.
  • A lucky draw competition where the buyers of a particular product or service will be eligible to win the stated prize.

Lucky Draw as Your Successful Marketing Strategy with Our Intelligently Designed Software

With our new and intelligently designed Singapore Lucky Draw Software, lucky draw events will be a convenient and highly effective marketing strategy for your company. Our software runs on an intelligent model which will take care of duplicated entries. And make the event as fair and transparent as possible. Hosting and participating in the event is pretty straightforward for both the hosts and the participants. Furthermore, we do not charge any fee and ask for registrations. You simply enter the name of the participants and spin the wheel. And our software will come up with a random result. For multiple levels of selections, you can also reset the wheel.

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