Air Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Grey – one of the popular products of the Jordan 1 Low line.

Air jordan 1 Low smoke grey was officially put on shelves by Nike in June 2020. Right at the time of launch, this shoe model attracted the attention of many people thanks to its novel color scheme.

Like many other Jordan shoes, this version is completely crafted from high-quality leather material that is very durable, less prone to explosion or peeling, ensuring a long-term use. Nike continues to apply exclusive Air technology to ensure a standard shoe that hugs the user’s foot.

Air Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Gray review

At first glance, people will confuse Jordan 1 Low Smoke Grey with Jordan Panda. But no, it has a distinct color that only those who really love the sneaker will recognize.

The Nike Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Grey colorway is created by a combination of 4 different monochrome colors: black, white, grey, and red. Between these color tones, there is a clear contrast, but when combined together, they bring a harmonious and eye-catching overall.

Air Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Grey is a version created for both men and women. The neutral colors and sophisticated design of these shoes go well with many different styles. Therefore, users can confidently wear it anywhere, from school, to work, to other sports and outdoor activities..

Impressive design of Jordan 1 Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Grey

 Again, it is a black and white tone but cleverly combined with a luxurious grey tone. It’s as if the delicate Jordan Panda plus the luxurious grey have created a new soul for this Jordan pair. A combination of the new and the old. Basic but not outdated. Why not choose such a super product.

At a glance, many people will surely confuse Air Jordan 1 low Smoke Grey with Jordan panda. But if you’re a true sneaker fan, you can’t go wrong.

If Jordan Panda is a harmonious combination of black and white, then to Jordan 1 Low Light Smoke Grey, the black – white – grey trio brings sophistication to this design.

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