Major Causes Of Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Have you been finding water around where your domestic air conditioning system is placed? Do you suspect leakage in either the outer or inner unit of your air conditioning installation? If that is the case, you must not worry. This problem has an easy solution. Leaking air conditioners are a common sight around, especially during the peak of summer.

The severity of the leakage often depends on the frequency and the extent that the leak has reached. The water leaking from your domestic air conditioning system will not only damage your home but will also cause damage to the air conditioning system. Let us get to know why this happens and how you can avoid it. 

Condensation or water leak?

In some cases, condensation is often mistaken as a leak in air conditioners. This phenomenon is quite common among window or portable AC units. Condensation is often expected from air conditioners, but it is the water leak that can be of great concern for air conditioner owners. 

When there is a genuine water leak in a window air conditioner, it can also leave water inside the house. This can cause a big problem. But when it comes to a central air conditioning system it will leak outside the home. This is still a cause for concern, whether it is inside the house or outside the house, even though it is less problematic for your floors and walls.

An air conditioning contractor or air conditioning installation technician often says that even a little bit of condensation in the outside air conditioner is quite normal. So when you know that the noise in the air conditioner is louder than normal and there is a puddle when the air conditioner is running or you notice an increase in your electricity bill, then you must check for a leak. 

What are the major causes of the leak?

Air conditioning unit installation technicians will inform you about these causes usually. 
  • Your domestic air conditioning unit is not set up or installed properly by your air conditioning installation technicians. 
  • When the outside temperature is too low and the weather is too cold, so in this situation if you running the air conditioner can easily cause the evaporator coils to freeze. This is why you should avoid running an air conditioner when the temperature outside is too cold.
  • In case the drain line is blocked due to dirt, mold, or rust. This can easily cause the air conditioner to leak. 
  • There is a condensation pan in your air conditioner for collecting normal condensation. So if the condensation pan is leaked, the water can find an easy way to leak out of the unit. 
  • When the refrigerant levels are too low and when you do not have enough refrigerant, it will cause the evaporator coils to freeze and then leak water.

In a situation like this, where you are not able to find out the leak. You must get it checked with by an air conditioning service London. 

How can you fix this?

Certain air conditioner leaks can only be found and treated by air conditioning contractor or technicians offering air conditioning service London.

1. Replace the air filters: The filters in your domestic air conditioning unit should be replaced every two months when the unit is being used. This can help in minor water leaks.

2. Clean the drain pan: The drain pan is situated under the indoor air conditioner unit and evaporator coil. Any cracks in these pans and coils can be treated with water sealant. But in this case, it is best suited when you replace a faulty pan.

3. Cleaning the drain line: Locate the condensation drain line coming out of your drain pan. You can easily remove the cap and try to remove the dirt or dust and clean the pipe. But if the clog persists, you can get it checked with an air conditioning unit installation technician. 

These tasks are quite simple and do not take too much time to clean or fix these issues. But you must do it only if you are comfortable enough to do it. But if you try a DIY approach in such a situation and the problem persists. then try getting in touch with an air conditioning service London.

Wrap up

A water leak can seem like a very minor issue, but if not taken care of then it can lead to performance issues in your domestic air conditioner system later. Water leaks are very common among all kinds of air conditioning systems and units. Try asking a service offering air conditioning installation London for any other doubts or questions you might have regarding a water leak in your air conditioning system. If you are still not able to solve it, get it fixed by an air conditioning contractor. 

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