A Nourishing Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Skin is subjected to a wide range of aggression day and night. To heal & strengthen it, you need to know your skin type! How do I know my skin type? What beauty routine should I adopt if I have such-and-such Skincare Routine type?

In this article, we will cover the nourishing beauty routine you need for dry skin.

Knowing Your Skin Type: Why Is It Important?

To have the skin you deserve, it is essential to know your skin type. If you don’t know what you’re doing, using the wrong products or making terrible beauty moves can disrupt your complexion quickly. This includes red patches, blackheads, and breakouts on your face that are visible to others, dull skin tone, terrible wrinkles, etc

As a reminder, make sure you make the distinction between skin type and condition. Skin type is an attribute your skin has been since childhood and it’s always there. This includes oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. Skin conditions are temporary and happen for a range of different reasons. For example, dehydrated skin happens when you have been sweating a lot, itchy skin is often caused by your diet or unsuitable cosmetics, and acne or dry can be caused by changes in temperature.

Determine your skin type first

To find out your skin type, take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror:

  • Lucky you, if your skin is balanced! This means it’s neither too oily nor too dry and that it’s fresh and has a luminous complexion.
  • Oily skin is usually shiny on the T zone, feels oily to the touch and often has blackheads & comedones
  • Sensitive skin is something that needs to be taken care of gently. it often feels uncomfortable and reacts to changes in temperature or humidity.
  • Dry skin is rough to the touch and can make wrinkles more prominent. It also tends to be itchy and tight at the slightest provocation. Like sensitive skin, it can be uncomfortable on a daily basis.

A nourishing beauty routine for dry skin

In the morning: To cleanse your skin, use a thermal water. This will help get rid of toxins. Use a nourishing moisturiser to make sure the skin remains hydrated throughout the day.

Your skin needs as much moisture as it does nutrition to be supple and smooth. When it comes to foundation, the mousse textures are perfect for dry skin, in order to produce a well-protected texture. Avoid powders, which could emphasize imperfections.

In the evening: Cleanse your skin with an oil-based makeup remover that will remove all the makeup and impurities while leaving your hydrolipidic film healthy. One of the keys to great Skincare Routine is using gentle products. To cleanse dry skin, use rich soaps, cleansing balms, or mild cleansing milk. Avoid astringent formulas that are too strong for dry skin (oil-free). Once your skin is clean, apply a cream that will restore the oils in your skin

Once a week: Apply a deep hydration mask or nourishing mask to give your skin a much-needed break & help regain your skin’s softness & comfort.

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