6 Ways to Treat Your Foot Pain Naturally

When you have constant foot pains it limits what you can do, and simple task such as walking, running, and playing sports becomes difficult. People choose to live with it because they just see is a part of life. This is not the case. There is a wide range of treatments when it comes to minimizing foot pain. The guide below is going to help you know 6 ways of treating foot pain naturally.

1. Wearing Shoes Fitting You Properly Because It Prevents Arch Pain

When you wear shoes that are too large or too tight, it leads to excess pressure and improper support which can cause toe, arch, and ankle pain. Wearing properly fitting shoes is important because it provides ample shoe room enough for your toes to wiggle.

Look for shoes that are tight on the sides but don’t cramp the toes. After lacing your shoes, try wiggling your toes. If you feel pain when wiggling or it feels impossible, then it is a sign that the shoes are too small. If the foot is sliding around when you wear the shoes, look for a smaller size. The right shoe size allows your feet to remain in place even when walking.

Some great shoe options that feel natural include Vivobarefoot, Xero Shoes, and Feelgrounds. You should consider arch support slippers to keep your feet supported while around the home, when it is often forgotten.

2. Learning How to Walk Properly

You need to walk properly to reduce pain in your feet. Your heels should hit the pavement first when walking, then the ball of the feet follow, and finally the toes. Bend at the ankle so that the amount of pressure that is going to be applied transitions from the heel to the balls of your feet. When your feet are stiff when you walk, it causes stress and pain in the different areas and causes pain.

3. Losing Weight

The amount of weight that your legs support is going to affect the pain you feel. When you have more weight to carry around, it increases the stress on your joints, feet, and bones. An overweight person has a higher chance of having flat feet compared to people with normal weight. When you weigh more, it increases the pressure on the arch, ball, and heel. More pressure leads to more foot pain. Losing weight is going to significantly reduce foot pain.

4. Massaging Arches Daily

When you massage the arches of your feet, it will improve circulation, reduce, tenderness, and reduce pain when you walk. Take your fingertip then apply pressure on the arches and ball. When you apply pressure on that area, it is going to loosen the muscles while providing stimulation to your feet.

Another method to use when massaging your feet at home is using a tennis ball, skucover roller or RAD Roller. Start by sitting down in a chair and placing the roller on the ground. It needs to be in front of you. Take off your shoes then place the arch on top of the roller. Push your foot on the ball and roll back and forth. This is going to apply pressure on the arch. You might feel a little pain in the arch, but as you keep massaging the area, there is the stimulation of nerves, and this allows your muscles to loosen. This will lead to less pain in that area. Do the same process with your other foot. You should try massaging them on a daily basis for optimal stimulation and maximum relief.

5. Stimulating Your Feet Using Naboso Textured Insoles

Arch pain tends to come up when there isn’t proper support. Many shoes today are being designed with style in mind, forgetting support in the process. Adding insoles to your shoes will reduce foot pain with time because there is improved support. It is a good idea to get the Naboso textured insoles because it will help in improving foot sensitivity by stimulating the nerves, which will help in minimizing arch pain. When your foot has proper support, there is a reduced risk of falling and also improves balance. Insoles have a hard construction to provide support, while it promotes stimulation through its textured design.

You don’t need a prescription for Naboso textured insoles, which is different from custom orthotics that requires you to have one before construction can take place. They come in different sizes and this means you are going to find one that provides maximum comfort and support. When measuring the size of the insole you need, it is a good idea to consider the size of your feet instead of the shoes you are currently wearing. This way, the insoles are going to provide maximum support while fitting you properly.

6. Making Stretching Part of Your Daily Routine

Arch pain is often the result of muscles in the foot becoming tight. When you stretch, these muscles get loosened and this will help reduce arch pain. Stretching your feet is not that complicated. Take time to stand with your feet. Make sure they are side-by-side. Move one foot in front of you and ensure the other remains in place. Lift and lower the toe of the foot you put forward a couple of times. This is going to stretch the arch, reducing the tightness of the muscles. Do the same thing with the other foot.

If you cannot stand for an extended period of time because the feet hurt too badly, then consider sitting on the ground and outstretching your legs. Your feet should point to the sky. Try pointing them away from you then hold that position for a couple of seconds. Pull them back to their original position, then pull them back towards your face.

Another option for stretching is standing on the edge of a stair where the tips of your toes making contact with the stair. Put your body weight on the heel so it pushes it down as much as possible as the toes remain in place. Lift the heels without moving the toes. This is going to strengthen and stretch the ball and arches. You can choose to exercise one at a time or both at the same time, depending on how strong your feet are. Do them as often as you need to.

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