Among the thousands of remote employment alternatives that exist today, there are some job options for students specifically designed to provide them with the flexibility – and extra income – they need. In general, the time of our studies coincides with our youth. In this stage, the desire to become independent arises, and that implies expenses that must come from some source of income. fact, even if you live with your Daddy, you may need money sooner or later to pamper yourself. Luckily in this era of the globalized network, there are many jobs for students that can be done from home or in your free time that can enhance your CV and add up to your work experience as well.

You can do anything from working online, doing community work, and even doing writing for a good thesis writing service. In the following list, you will find 6 alternatives to the best college or university jobs for students, with the aim that you start to have an extra income while still focusing on your university studies and, of course, it will boost up your CV a big time. What more could you want? Let’s go with it.

How is a job for students?

The world of remote jobs is very extensive. To tell you very briefly, we can order all these offers in two large groups. On the one hand, there are freelance jobs that you do independently and autonomously, and to get customers you can offer in hundreds of specialized sites such as Fiverr.  On the other hand, there is telecommuting, which consists of working for a specific company from your home. There are many companies that opt ​​for this type of hiring in these times as a way to save costs, and in many cases, the offers consist of a part-time contract for students who want to make their course compatible with the work. You can also work for any renowned thesis writing service as research writer.

But there is more. In the middle between both options, there are some sites that also allow you to work, without being either a freelancer or a remote worker. We will see later, but to cite an example I will mention the survey sites. Not to mention the jobs for young people that usually exist in the hospitality sector. Within this entire universe, which is known as the Gig Economy, online jobs for students have their place. But to qualify for any of them, you must first meet a series of requirements.

In my view, there are two characteristics of these jobs that are especially attractive to anyone who aspires to earn money as a student and also invest time in enhancing their resume.

1. Flexibility

These works are ideal to complement your studies, whether university or not since you can do it from wherever you want and when you want. This allows you, on the one hand, to generate income for your expenses and, on the other, to have enough time to study (and to have fun!).

2. They do not require experience

You are in the middle of studying, and to find a job for students incomplete Curriculum Vitae should not worry in the least. This situation, which is usually the nightmare of many of those seeking their first job, does not influence student jobs.

Most of these jobs have no prerequisites and, if they do, it is only an age range. You will not need experience or specialized knowledge to start generating money from home today.

Can all students work? The answer is yes. Not all jobs are suitable for all types of students, but there are employment options for all students.

Of all the alternatives that exist to find a job as a student, we can group them into different types of occupations:

1. Part-time Jobs

These are part-time jobs (either in the morning or in the afternoon) that you can match perfectly with your class schedules. That also includes working as a writer for a thesis writing service.

2. Weekend Jobs

In general, these options are designed to cover functions that, during the week, another worker carry out on Saturdays and Sundays. That, or it is a position in a restaurant, bar or hotel. It is a good option for those who study since it does not interfere in any way with the schedule of your classes.

3. Jobs for underage students

Mechanics workshops, fast food restaurants or department stores often offer work for young students. Above all, in times of great demand such as Christmas, for example. A good option to find jobs of this type is to visit the Youth Secretariat in your area or the Internships Departments of your School.

Jobs for university students

While studying at the university, it is very likely that at some point you will need to generate an income that allows you to pay your expenses without depending on your parents. There are many opportunities focused on these types of students.

1. Virtual Assistant

This work is very simple and, if you are organized, you can do it almost with your eyes closed. Being a virtual assistant is a job suitable for any student, but above all, it will be suitable for those who are pursuing a business or administrative careers.

2. Online Writer

If you dare to go a little further, you can use your specialized knowledge in your subject to write your own content. As an online writer, you can generate manuals, eBooks or magazines, among many other options.

3. Micro-works

This is another ideal job for students between 15 and 18 years old, although you can actually do it at any age. It’s about completing small jobs for people who don’t have time to do it, such as doing an online process, completing a database or whatever you can think of. You can find opportunities for this type of freelance job sites.

4. Create Your Own Blog

As we mentioned paragraphs above, a job option may be to create your own blog. In this case, you must choose a theme. It may be, why not, what you are studying. A blog can generate income in many different ways, but you should keep in mind that it requires a lot of work: content, SEO, monetization and many other tasks. You need to carefully evaluate if this dedication is compatible with your studies, and above all, you have to ask yourself if you will have enough patience to wait for the blog to begin to bear its first fruits.

5. Community Manager

If you like social networks, you can dedicate yourself to its management as a service for third parties. This work requires extensive knowledge of the dynamics of social channels and, also, knowing how to get the most out of them. Many freelance job sites have hundreds of employers looking for community managers. It is a fun and dynamic way of dealing. Additionally, you need to know a minimum of design (you can use Canva), be good with spelling and have a lot of creativity.

6. Product Reviews

If, in addition to being a student, you are very curious and like to research products (be careful that they don’t have to be technological only). You can dedicate yourself to review them on the Internet, either on blogs or on YouTube. And earn money for the number of views. Over time, many companies will pay you directly for their product reviews. Especially if your analysis is complete, accurate, and can boost sales.


Many university students think that with the complicated schedules of the classes. With the time it takes later to study at home and, especially without experience, starting work can be impossible. The truth is that it is not. As we have seen throughout this article, there are many job opportunities for students, very diverse, and for all tastes. There are so many jobs and so many opportunities that there is no valid excuse for not working. If you really want to: at home, in a shop, online, in-person … you have hundreds of opportunities in the palm of your hand. The Gig Economy has opened many doors for independent or remote workers, and among them are also students looking for extra income at the end of the month. Do you dare to try it?