6 Technologies Every Startup Needs in 2022

It’s not easy to run a business. It might be easier than ever to set up a website and a payment portal and start selling, but success takes a lot of hard work. It’s like a juggling act where more balls are constantly being added. From making a more appealing customer experience to generating new revenue streams and Technologies, there’s always something more you can be doing.

That’s where technology comes in. The right tech used in the right way can transform how you run your business. It can help streamline your workflow and can even improve your revenue. If you want to outpace your competitors and keep your business thriving, here are the tech tools you need for your startup.

Project Management

While there are plenty of subpar project management tools available, when they’re good, they can be transformative. This kind of technology will grow in importance and value as your business grows. That business management juggling act will become significantly easier once you track what you need to be doing and when.

The larger your team, the more valuable good project management software will be. And there are plenty of project management software tools available. Trello is perhaps the easiest to get started with, but Basecamp and Microsoft Project have benefits. Research to find the project management tool that best suits your work style and startup.

Using Chatbots for Customer Service

You may think that using a chatbot might be helpful only once you’ve hit a certain size, but that could be too late. Chatbots have evolved a lot since their preemptive rollout in 2016, and they have more value than ever for a business. Whatever your sector, chatbots bring advantages that range from being accessible 24/7 to communicating with your clients in the language they prefer.

Chatbots nowadays don’t just benefit the brands that use them. Chatbots also benefit your customers in ways that can help with brand loyalty and grow your revenue. Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever and expects immediacy with everything from responses to queries to delivery of their goods. Chatbots are one of the most important startup acceleration tools available.

Email Marketing 

Emails are more valuable than ever, and any startup that isn’t using email marketing is missing out on a marketing channel with remarkable ROI. If you get a client or potential client to sign up for an email mailing list, you have immediate access to their inbox, which is high-value marketing real estate.

Emails are immediate, low cost, and incredibly effective. Subject lines can be A/B tested to see which line has the best open rates, and audiences can be segmented to get more targeted communications. However, you need the right management tool to use your email marketing efficiently. By far the most well known is MailChimp, but there are alternatives. Again do your research and use the software that best suits you and your budget.

Balancing the Books

Accounting software is going to save you a lot of headaches. Managing your money will always be one of the most essential parts of business management. The right accounting software will ensure that your books are always balanced and that you can plan more realistic growth strategies based on financial facts.

From your profit and loss statement to preparing a cash flow forecast, cloud-based accounting software will essentially do all of the tasks that an accountant typically handles. They don’t necessarily replace an accountant, but having all of your numbers available in an easy-to-read format will alleviate more than a few headaches when it comes to the end of a financial year.

WFH and Communication

With more people working from home than ever, and a steady realisation that this could permanently change the way we work, communication has become more challenging. There are many channels to communicate with, and a haphazard approach can quickly lead to miscommunication, lost conversations, and mistakes.

While there are a lot of communication tools available, you don’t need to overthink this one. If you only have a small team, it could be as basic as setting up a WhatsApp group chat and sticking to that channel. Something like Slack might be a better option if you’re scaling quickly. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Small businesses will always be more vulnerable to a cyberattack than large, established corporations. They tend to have fewer security protocols, so cybercriminals are keen to target smaller businesses. Having a strong defence against cyberattacks is critical, and there’s a lot that you can do to help lower your vulnerability to online threats.

To start with, you need a strong password management protocol. You should also introduce cybersecurity Technologies training sessions to your team. Implementing two-factor authentication is also critical. These are standard operating procedures for startups, but the VPN is becoming more important than ever. It’s a quick and easy way to create a more secure network Technologies— even if you’re in a public space using public wifi. Something like NordVPN should always be in your startup toolkit.

The Importance of Technologies for Startups

A startup that isn’t nimble and agile in 2022 will limit its potential. The world of work is going through massive disruption, and from work-from-home to automating workflows, startups need to be quick to evolve.

The right tools used in the right way can cut operational costs and accelerate workflow. They can save you time and money and can help maximise your profits. If you fail to use the right tools Technologies, your startup will be slower, cumbersome, and less efficient. Get your technologies right, and your startup could grow faster and bigger than you ever thought possible.

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