5 Top Tips to Make Custom Rigid Packaging Your Secret Weapon

E-commerce sales increased fourfold over the past decade. In fact, the direct-to-consumer has now become a mainstream sales channel for many brands. Compared to the past, shoppers are now more comfortable shipping nearly everything straight to their doorstep. As a result, the product box has become the new storefront. And custom rigid packaging is providing you the opportunity to craft an unforgettable experience for your audience.  

Take Custom Rigid Packaging as Seriously as Your Brand 

Today, e-commerce is an important sales channel for many small retailers, who can now directly connect with their ideal customers. And the term ‘Vertical Commerce Brands’ (VCBs) is now more real than ever. 

Popular online companies like Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Warby Parker, and Bonobos are making the most of this opportunity by controlling the customer experience, right from the instant buyers decide they want to purchase a specific kind of product until the courier drops it off at their front door.  

When you start shipping directly to buyers, the first interaction they have with your business is the custom rigid packaging. It’s the physical exhibition of your brand. So make sure it should be worthy of praise. 

Use Experiences that are Worthwhile to Share 

A whole new genre of videos has emerged on YouTube. These are unboxing videos that showcase how people from various spheres of life receive and open new products. Since these videos have garnered millions of views, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more and more brands are keen to embrace this trend by creating and sharing videos of customers opening their packages.   

If you genuinely want to make a mark for your brand, try not to be conventional. Meaning, it’s best not to source traditional packages for this purpose. Rather, secure custom rigid boxes that aren’t frequently used. Not only will it make the experience of opening the box more memorable for the customers, but also convey a message of novelty in a way that words could never express. 

You don’t have to encourage customers to share their experiences when you encase your products in unique and innovative wholesale rigid boxes. However, there is no harm in persuading your buyers to share their experiences. 

For instance, Dollar Shave Club’s popular ‘#UnboxDSC’ campaign has inspired customers to share their unboxing experiences with the online social community. The company drove engagement by announcing that customers who share their experiences get free giveaways. 

These kinds of campaigns increase brand awareness and help companies establish a deeper relationship with their customers. 

Avoid Over-Packing Your Items When Using Rigid Boxes 

From a practicable point of view, each product has different packaging needs. A fragile product such as glassware needs more fortification than a shirt. Consider the minimum you require to get your product from one point to another without going overboard.   

You can create a memorable experience without going beyond your means. Thanks to The Legacy Printing, small, medium-sized businesses can now create exquisite custom rigid packaging without draining all your savings. The company offers a series of free services. For instance, there are no pre-press charges, all kinds of boxes are shipped free of cost across the US, and if you are looking to reduce the overall packaging cost further, the company can also offer you free design support. The Uk Time 

Fortunately, people don’t want their favorite brands to overspend on packaging solutions any longer. In fact, they often complain about over-packing because it’s a wasteful thing for them. It doesn’t mean you can charge $45 against a product and ship it in a $3 packaging. Your customer will instantly know they have been overcharged for the contents of the box.  

This will create a negative impression, especially if you are a luxury brand. The ground rule is that you should spend at least 0.5 to 3 percent of the purchase price on the packing. In short, get maximum reach with a minimum spend. 

Think Local When Buying Custom Rigid Boxes 

Your custom rigid boxes cost also depends on where you manufacture it and fulfill the end product. There is a common misconception that it cost less to manufacture overseas. It happens when entrepreneurs fail to count numerous factors that go into the final cost of the encased item. The rule of thumb suggests that the more it costs to ship packaging, the less it costs to produce it locally. 

For this reason, The Legacy Printing urge businesses to create their packaging within the US. The best thing about working with rigid box manufacturers USA is they can adapt to your supply chain even if you start fulfilling your orders somewhere else. 

Be Agile When it Comes to Wholesale Rigid Boxes 

Established companies don’t mind ordering a year’s worth of wholesale rigid boxes at once. But for startups and mid-sized companies, it could prove a fatal mistake. Instead, small-medium enterprises should order as little as 2 to 6 months of inventory. 

This works best for startups in particular. Why? New businesses pivot more swiftly. And if they secure a year’s worth of custom rigid packaging, the new company would not be able to alter its looks or logo after a while as it will require them to splurge more money to seize new packing.   

While some packaging companies are ideal for the small growing businesses, others don’t consider working with you until you can source packaging in large volumes. But once you are an established firm, it becomes easier for you to get better prices by switching your volume. Search for the best supplier by keeping your current volume in mind but make sure to reassess it as you grow. 

In the ever-shifting landscape, product packaging is more than just a cost and logistics. To tell the truth, it’s a core element of branding and can serve as a new platform for communication. Brands that continue to remain oblivious of this fact would not last too long because an ideal packaging solution provides businesses the opportunity to establish a life-long relationship with customers.  

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