5 Different Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – Which’s Best for You?

Vacuuming can speak to between 15-25% of the absolute cleaning cost of your building. In many offices, vacuuming is finished day by day to eliminate grating soils and keep your office looking extraordinary, yet it additionally takes up a ton of your time and cash. As indicated by an investigation finished by the American Institute of Cleaning Sciences, the normal business cleaning laborer utilizes a vacuum for roughly 1-3 hours of the day. 

With such a lot of time and cash spent on one cleaning system, it is important that you are utilizing the most proficient vacuum for every pain point.  Using the best vacuum in your office can expand laborer profitability, lower cleaning times, and diminish by and large cleaning costs. In this blog article, we will go over the 5 significant sorts of best commercial vacuum and a portion of the accessible highlights to assist you with settling on the most ideal decision for your business. 

Different Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners 

Vacuum cleaners are bits of janitorial cleaning gear that come in a few distinct shapes and sizes to handle various issues like spot tidying or wet buildup get. Deciding the best vacuum will rely upon the territory, soil, and the degree of traffic you are managing. 

Handheld Duster Vacuum 

Handheld duster vacuums are little compact machines utilized for spot cleaning. They are accessible in line electric or battery controlled models. 

What Type of Area Should a Handheld Duster Vacuum be Used to Clean? 

These vacuums can be utilized to rapidly eliminate little wrecks from the floor, blinds, seats, steps, and upholstery. 

Handheld duster vacuums are advantageous for spot cleaning in high rush hour gridlock territories. 

Soil Type 

Handheld dusters should just be utilized in little regions requiring light soil pickup. 

Canister Vacuum 

Canister vacuums have wheels at the base of the base permitting them to be effectively moved starting with one story surface then onto the next. For simple mobility pick a canister vacuum with completely directional front wheels to dispose of drag. Canister vacuums are regularly line electric. 

What Type of Area Should a Commercial Canister Vacuum be Used to Clean? 

Canister vacuums are extraordinary for cleaning hard floors, covered floors, apparatuses, and wraps. They are likewise helpful when managing various cleaning errands that require specific connections, as broadened length hoses and wands. 

Canister vacuums are not the most ideal decision for high-traffic regions. They have long strings and hoses which can be a stumbling risk to visitors. 

Soil Type 

Canister vacuums are acceptable alternative while eliminating huge soils. 

Upright Vacuum 

Upstanding vacuums are vertical standing machines with haggles brush move on the base and a sack for soil assortment on top. They are normally string electric, however can be battery fueled. 

What Type of Area Should a Commercial Upright Vacuum be Used to Clean? 

Upstanding vacuums are the most ideal decision for covered floors. Some upstanding vacuums have a get head that can be acclimated to permit you to flip to and fro among covered and hard floors. 

Soil Type 

Upstanding vacuums can be utilized for light to medium soil pickup. 

There are two kinds of upstanding vacuums: single engine and double engine. 


Single engine vacuums are extraordinary for pickup of light to medium soils. 

Double MOTOR 

Double engines have a different engine for the brush roll. They are intended for medium soil pickup. 

Backpack Vacuum 

Backpack Vacuum with Xover Multi-Surface Two-Piece Wand Tool KitCarried on the rear of the administrator, rucksack vacuums take into consideration unhindered development in limited or blocked territories. More up to date backpack models are lightweight and ergonomic, lessening client exhaustion and expanding proficiency and profitability. Backpack vacuums can be battery worked or line electric. 

What Type of Area Should a Commercial Backpack Vacuum be Used to Clean? 

Backpack vacuums are amazingly convenient and lightweight, settling on them the most ideal decision when managing steps or arrivals. They can likewise be an incredible decision for covered or hard floor surfaces.

Backpack vacuums are an incredible choice for high traffic or clogged territories. They additionally take into consideration simple mobility, particularly in difficult to arrive at zones. 

Soil Type 

Like upstanding vacuums, they can be utilized for light to medium soil pickup. 

Wet/Dry Vacuum 

When managing zones that are wet, just utilize a vacuum which is explicitly proposed for wet buildup pickup. These vacuums are intended to permit the fluid to sidestep the engine, evading vacuum harm and likely injury to the client. The most widely recognized business wet vacuums have a 16-20 gallon limit. Wet/dry vacuums can be battery worked or line electric. 

Kinds of Wet/Dry Vacuums 

There are two kinds of wet/dry vacuums: standard wet with hose and wand or the front-mounted squeegee. 


The standard wet vacuum has a hose and wand that sucks up the fluid. They perform best in close zones. 


The front mounted squeegee is the most ideal decision while eliminating the arrangement from cleaning strategies like wiping or hard floor stripping. 

What Type of Area Should a Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum be Used to Clean? 

Wet/dry vacuums can be utilized for soil evacuation on covered or hard floors. On the off chance that you are managing wet soil get, close off the region to inhabitants and visitors to keep away from slips and falls. 

Soil Type 

Wet/dry vacuums are fantastic for eliminating extra water or cleaning arrangements from cleaning methods, for example, scouring or wet wiping. You can likewise utilize a wet/dry vacuum when managing bigger, dry soils.

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